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IT services providers in Los Angeles provide key protection for healthcare facilities. HIPAA is an act which puts the onus of protection on medical institutions–make a mistake, and you’ll be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Compounding the issue is the fact that healthcare businesses are now a target of cybercriminals. So, it’s not just hackers who will cost your hospital money; it’s the government, who will fine you if you’re impacted in certain ways. Accordingly, protecting IT is absolutely paramount for any healthcare institution, large or small. PI, or Personal Information, is at a premium for hackers.

Key Facts to Consider

If you’re going to remain safe, you need to understand that you’re a target, and put vetted protections into place so that being a target doesn’t totally undermine operations. With that in mind, consider the following information:

All Healthcare Apps Are Targets to Cybercriminals

As it turns out, whatever healthcare applications you have, they’re a target of cybercriminals. It doesn’t matter how big or small the app is–or even whether or not you developed that application internally. Though this may slow your institution’s status as a target, using the internet will put that information on display for the world, and eventually, some hacker will seek such software as a vector to PI. You have to treat each app like a live round from a firearm, and accordingly secure that round with all necessary precautions.

Expect Six Trillion in Damages from Cybercrime

Professionals predict that there’ll be an impact on healthcare to the tune of $6,000,000,000,000 now and in the future. That’s $6 trillion–it’s going to get worse before it gets better. To avoid being a statistic, it is absolutely fundamental that you properly secure your tech infrastructure.

A Prime Vector of Cybercrime Is Unqualified Employees

A big vulnerability for most healthcare institutions can be chalked up to unqualified employees. An RN may be the best on the floor, but she studied medicine, not technology. Training employees or importing IT services professionals in Los Angeles to manage technology is wise. Outsourced tech can help very much here.

Beefing Up Healthcare Security

Our IT support services experts in Los Angeles can help you protect your healthcare organization from pernicious cybercriminals doing trillions in damage. Securing operations against cyber threats is fundamental not just for convenience and patient safety, but for your bottom line. Contact us now to keep your healthcare business safe from cyber-attacks.

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