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meaning legal instrument governing the redistribution of software

Each time your business buys new software, you will receive a software license. A software license covers a variety of scenarios, such as how you can use software and if you have any limitations. Contacting IT services experts in Los Angeles is always important if you have any questions about your software license to ensure you remain in compliance and avoid potential violations.

Here is an overview of the most common software licenses available.

Free and Open-Source

A free and open-source license allows you to operate the software however you want. For example, you can redistribute the software or make modifications without any legal issues. A few of the most well-known free and open-source software licenses include the Firefox web browser and the Linux operating system. Ultimately, this type of license gives developers the freedom to improve the software and make it available to the general public.

Public Domain

Public domain software is available for anyone to download, modify, or distribute because it doesn’t have a copyright. You can make any changes to this software to further improve its functions or add new features. However, public domain software isn’t as popular as other options, and it’s as widely known to most people.

Proprietary Licenses

Commercial software often involves proprietary licenses. In other words, the copyright owner gives you permission to use it, but you can’t make any changes or redistribute it anyway without a license from the developer. Examples of proprietary licenses include Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Windows, and the vast majority of video games.


Freeware software makes it possible for an individual to use software without costing them any money. However, the user doesn’t have the right to make any changes to freemium software. Reaching out to IT services professionals in Los Angeles is always a good idea if you are unsure about using a software license.

Trade Secret

Trade secret software is often not distributed in the same way as other software. Instead, it’s usually installed on proprietary hardware, such as on the cloud. Trade secret software doesn’t usually get installed on your device, as it’s often isolated in a protected environment.

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