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IT services Los AngelesIT services providers in Los Angeles are providing more comprehensive cybersecurity solutions if vulnerability analysis is brought to the table. Now, not all businesses using security solutions employ such analyses, but those that do are going to be more successful. The reason is, you do not know what you do not know, as the saying goes. An internal vulnerability analysis can also be helpful, but it will not be as introspective, comprehensive, or accurate as something conducted through an external agency that regularly provides services for diverse companies. What you can expect in the right vulnerability analysis would be:

  • Definition of vulnerabilities
  • Identification of likely weak points
  • Classification of differing security threats
  • Close examination of communications infrastructure
  • Effectiveness forecasts based on technological trends
  • Evaluation of security effectiveness after plans are employed
  • Expanding the picture

IT services providers in Los Angeles providing cyber security solutions will often employ a cohesive strategy of vulnerability assessment. Sometimes this may include penetration tests, wherein a security operative is designated to break into your system and see what they can get away with before existing security measures are put in place. Oftentimes, a penetration test should be conducted at regular intervals. It should happen before the new measures are put in place and afterward to ensure that a positive secure change has been made. This is one way to help define where vulnerabilities lie while simultaneously identifying weak points in a given system and even helping to classify them.

For example, social engineering hacks may be brought to the table through bureaucratic communications exploitation, which reveals common passcodes and access information. Sometimes vulnerabilities exist in compartmentalized infrastructure, and a simple restructuring of bureaucracy can rid a given organization of them.

However, it is important to realize that proper security cannot exist in a “static” sense. Trends must be examined closely to determine the likelihood of intrusion. Cloud computing and mobile operations facilitating things like BYOD naturally produce increased vulnerabilities that did not exist before. Oftentimes, non-vetted Wi-Fi can act as an intrusion point; but a way around that is a cloud-floated DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution, employing multi-factor authentication for access. The employee operating remotely and trying to access the network through DaaS must enter a passcode, and have another one, which is randomly generated sent to a secondary device. Additionally, a system of device scanning can be put into place so that access will not be granted if such systems notice a threat hiding on the machine requesting access.

This is complicated. Technology is not static; it is always changing. Additionally, it will be necessary to test for vulnerabilities after existing ones are rectified. This ensures measures put to task and no additional threats have been detected.

Acquiring Proper Vulnerability Detection

IT services in Los Angeles through Advanced Networks can expand effective cybersecurity solutions through vetted strategies designed to reduce vulnerabilities, detect new ones, and ensure that a given operation is continuously safeguarded against intrusion. Cybercrime is expanding today, and if your business does not recognize this, then you are likely going to experience a fallout. Contact us now to prevent intrusion.

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