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IT services providers in Los Angeles have made a hard turn into cloud computing territory, and that means providing customers with “as a Service” options. Infrastructure as a Service, sometimes known as Hardware as a Service, essentially surrogates on-site hardware through the cloud. This option is abbreviated either HaaS or IaaS, IaaS being the more popular rendering.

Benefits of IaaS

Specific features of IaaS that are applicable to most businesses include some substantial benefits, such as the following:

Reduced Necessary Tech Investment

Technology is costly. An on-site server has equipment expenses, transportation costs, software costs, storage space expenses, energy costs, troubleshooting costs, downtime costs, and the expense of on-site personnel to manage said server perpetually. With IaaS options, you just pay a monthly or annual subscription fee and access your information through the web.

Automatically Flexible, Scalable Technology

IT services experts in Los Angeles recommend IaaS options for businesses that are in expansion. Scaling out is as simple as upgrading your subscription fee, and since services are hosted online, you’ve got a high degree of flexibility in the software options, interface options, and overall available services available to you.

Think of on-site server arrays as a brick of cement, think of cloud-based IaaS services as moldable clay which yet retains the strength of the cement brick. You can change technology to match your needs, scale it out; or whatever suits you.

Immediate Comprehensive Access Facilitating Core Business Focus

Wherever you have a valid internet connection that is recognized as secure, you’ve got access to your data network. Simply enter in your access credentials and you’re ready to go.

This makes it so workers can operate securely and productively in a remote capacity, and information remains consolidated in a form amenable to operations through your online server array.

IaaS basically does all an on-site server array does, but through the cloud. So, you get the same advantages with none of the maintenance woes that come with them. On-site tech people can focus on leveraging technology against competitors and toward future breakthroughs rather than just playing catchup all day.

IaaS Solutions Offer Many Distinct Benefits, Consultation Reveals Yours

Our IT services experts in Los Angeles can help you explore available IaaS options. You can reduce tech investment, expand flexible scalability, make access to operational networks comprehensive, and focus on core operations over playing catch-up with glitching hardware on-site. To learn more about IaaS and its associated advantages for your specific business, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks.

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