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Many businesses have benefited from cloud migration the past decade with the help of IT services providers in Los Angeles. The public cloud is an amazing wonderland for small startups and large firms to get certain business done seamlessly, safely, and at lower costs. Here are defining rules every business should know about public cloud safety and how it pertains to government compliance:

Know Public Cloud Limitations

Some of the leading public clouds in America include Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. These clouds provide businesses with a multitude of tools and services to conduct business online. Even though such services come with robust security, there’s no guarantee you’ll avoid cybercriminals who are always learning crafty new ways to disrupt businesses. The most common type of breach is done through email as an imposter poses like a trusted source and gets an unsuspecting employee to click malware or type in a password on a fake site.

Use Extra Security Layers for a Public Cloud

Working with IT services providers in Los Angeles can help mitigate the hacker problem in various ways. The team can provide security training and advise you on setting up stronger defenses against intruders. Some of the most reliable security layers beyond antivirus software include complex passwords, multi-factor authentication, encryption, firewalls, and virtualization. Changing passwords periodically is a great way to fool hackers who have stolen credentials through a social engineering process.

Embrace Automation for Monitoring and Compliance

One of the most advanced data protection methods that a seasoned IT support team can provide is 24/7 infrastructure monitoring. Your support team can use state-of-the-art software to monitor your network and send you alerts when an intruder arrives or when suspicious activity occurs. Automation security software is designed for all the major cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

You should also use automation that ensures your operation is compliant with the government’s online privacy regulations. Healthcare organizations, for example, must be HIPAA compliant, which means protecting confidential data about patient medical records. Use software that has compliance monitoring embedded in the system.

Set Permissions for Cloud Access

Your cloud infrastructure must be designed so that only employees with proper credentials are allowed to access specific parts of your network. The key is to make sure your passwords do not leak into the wrong hands or that company devices do not get stolen. Credential and access software should be baked into your system.


Working with IT services experts in Los Angeles will help protect your data stored on public clouds. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about optimizing public cloud use and protecting your digital assets.

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