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IT services experts in Los Angeles strongly advise security that is efficient enough to make it so you never have to contend with ransomware. If you do have files ransomed, you shouldn’t pay unless you really need that data. Even then, ransomware is hiding in what information you get back, and you’ll get ransomed again. Unless you can’t, you should write off the loss.

You Don’t Always Have a Choice

Sometimes if you don’t pay some outrageous Bitcoin ransom, you lose your business. And then you’ll get ransomed again unless you rewrite everything from the ground up excluding the malware that locked you out. A better alternative here is setting the right security precedents, such as:

Continuous Backup Is Key

IT services providers in Los Angeles can help you establish backup solutions which are located in different locations, and continuously back up your information. The more continuous the better, though there are situations where this will slow operations; there’s a balance to find.

Employee Education Is Paramount to Long-Term Reliable Security

Employees are going to be the biggest vulnerability to operational security. They need to be trained pertaining to best practices online, how to recognize ransomware, and how to avoid compromising operations. They’ll need to be refreshed in their training at intervals.

Monitoring Identifies When Ransomware Entered to Determine Where to Reboot

IT support experts in LA advise that you should set up monitoring solutions to help determine precisely when ransomware may have entered a network, and where to reboot from so everything but that information entered in after ransomware is preserved.

Effective Security Best Practices Minimize Ransomware Impact

Our IT services team in Los Angeles can help you monitor networks, educate employees, and facilitate nigh-continuous backup solutions. These represent key ways to avoid being infected with ransomware, or at minimum control the associated damage so you don’t have to pay some crazy ransom for your company data. To learn more, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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