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IT Services Experts in Los Angeles Expose Some of the Services Being Offered in the Dark Web

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The dark web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed by an anonymizing browser known as Tor. Though not everything on this part of the web is illegal, according to IT services experts in Los Angeles, it is mostly regarded as a hub for criminal activity due to the illegal trades that unfold there. You can buy items like fake driving licenses, drugs, weapons, hacked software, login credentials, and counterfeit money.

The dark web services include:

Darknet Markets

IT services professionals in Los Angeles report there are horrors and benefits of the darknet. The dark web is home to a thriving billion-dollar market, and there are thousands of different products on sale here, depending on what you are looking for.

Perhaps the most notorious transactions involve user credentials, drugs, and credit card information. Other common items include electronic goods, software, E-books, stimulants, jewelry, and gift cards.

The black market in the dark web is characterized by the use of encryption and privacy mechanisms. Payments are mostly made through Bitcoin, Monero, and Litecoin. Authorities will typically try to squash these markets, especially those that grow too big.

Cryptocurrency Tumbler

This service will anonymize any cryptocurrency you suspect can be traced to your identity. The most commonly used cryptocurrency is bitcoin, and while it may seem like it is anonymous, bitcoin transactions are public and permanent.

Bitcoin mixers will typically collect bitcoin from several parties who are also interested in anonymizing their transactions. A small fee will be cut from your amount of bitcoin, but it will be linked to a different wallet instead of the original wallet.

Hacking Services

Hacking services have been growing in demand among criminal gangs, intelligence authorities, and private organizations. Such services are popularly traded in the dark web, and they include website defacements and other forms of malware.

Hacking communities work by invitation-basis only, and some of them are specialized in aspects like data theft and malware. Most hackers also prefer anonymous payment methods such as bitcoin. Be careful when navigating through these communities, however, as there are also conmen.

Legal Services on the Dark Web

While most things on the dark web are illegal, there are other communities that thrive outside of mainstream internet.

Reading communities will commonly converge on the darknet to discuss literary fixtures and controversial materials. Other interest forums discuss how to deal with events like wars and natural disasters. One popular club involves the game of chess, where people will play and talk about strategies.

Sites like Torbook are designed to work like the more mainstream Facebook, and you can set up an anonymous profile and get social. Journalists also publish anonymous stories on the dark web, particularly in places where the internet is censored.

Other people prefer to search the internet on the dark web. Search engines like Google collect search information, which they use to target advertisements, and the dark web provides a way to bypass this.


Getting reputable IT services in Los Angeles will help you stay on the legal side of the law when using the internet. If you want to access the darknet safely, contact us now Advanced Networks for a comprehensive guide.

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