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An Expensive Prospect

IT services Los AngelesIT services in Los Angeles can be instrumental in helping you save tens of thousands of dollars a year in downtime alone. As a matter of fact, it’s to be expected that what you save in deferred downtime will more than cover the cost of technology services. Don’t believe it? Well, consider what the average cost of downtime is. puts downtime costs at $5,600 a minute for enterprises. Now, this is especially considerable for enterprises, who are apt to experience as much as 800 hours a year of downtime or 15 hours a week.

If your business were a manufacturing enterprise, average losses from downtime alone could be as high as $268,800,000 annually. Even if your manufacturing downtime losses are only one thousandth of that sum, it’s still $268,800.

Deferring Such Substantial Losses

IT services in Los Angeles can do much to defer losses which are associated with such downtime. Cloud computing can provide Infrastructure as a Service, giving your manufacturing business access to more secure data management. Additionally, Big Data and IoT can be put to the task of streamlining operational equipment.

From there, DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service can be applied so that you can bounce back from downtime more quickly. If working with an MSP cuts your downtime in half, and you only lose one thousandth of the average for enterprises, you’ll save $134,000+ a year, more than justifying the cost of an MSP.

Recovering from an incident is about more than simply restoring data. BDR, or Backup and Data Recovery, is essential. You’ll want to store your data in at least three separate locations, one of which being located off-site, and two of which on different media. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure that your data is properly monitored by tech professionals who can catch any issues before they become a threat to operations.

Questionable activity can be quarantined in one area of your network to keep that activity from having a negative impact on all operations. Altogether, you stand to defer impact from downtime a number of ways through using the services of the right MSP.

Protecting Your Business from Costly Downtime Incidents

In short, downtime is curbed through auspices of effective IT services in Los Angeles. Cloud computing is often used, and primary means of deferring downtime include:

  • DRaaS services
  • BDR
  • Proper storage
  • Professional Monitoring and support

Technology services through Advanced Networks include these and other core technology solutions key to many businesses in the modern cutting-edge market. For more information on means of deferring downtime, as well as bettering your business overall, please contact us.

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