IT Services in Los Angeles: An Insight into Business Continuity Planning

IT Services in Los Angeles: An Insight into Business Continuity Planning

IT services Los AngelesIn the business world today, disasters are bound to happen to any business, regardless of the size. It could be natural disasters, such as floods, or human errors or a cybercriminal activity. Whatever it is, the company should be well prepared so that it gets back into operation within a short time. The only thing that can guarantee you getting back on your feet is collaborating with IT services providers in Los Angeles and implementing a business continuity plan.

A business continuity plan is a systematic procedure that gives clear guidelines on how to resume normal business after any form of disaster or disruption. To ensure the effectiveness of a BCP, however, you must go beyond just a ‘general plan’ response to disasters.

The kind of BCP implemented is the main determinant of the ability to recover and achieve business continuity after a disaster. Statistics show that most businesses that experience a disaster collapse within five years, especially if they did not have a good BCP plan.

A BCP is a critical element of any business that wishes to maintain transparency and continuity. It is becoming even more important because today, businesses rely on IT and communication services. No one wants data or service loss, which may interrupt normal operations.

Advanced Planning

IT services providers in Los Angeles are now offering business continuity plans that are customized to certain risks and scenarios. It is not enough to have an umbrella plan to serve everything in general. For a BCP to be effective, it is advisable to break it down to address individual disasters.

Above all, ensure that recovery of the vital business functions is catered for. Some of the areas that a BCP should cover include data and voice communications, IT perquisites, offsite locations, and essential personnel. Apart from recovering the communications and technology infrastructure, a good BCP plan should also ensure that in the face of a disaster, you still retain your employees and give them a makeshift area for them to work from. The BCP should include the overall strategy and relevant action plans.


Apart from natural disasters, other threats may include hackers, system failure or even power outages. Employees should have a way of accessing data even in the event that the entire network is shut down.


4Service enables a business to address the risks that each department faces. Through this, you can organize your priorities by picking out the crucial business functions.

Consider the following in your BCP:

  • The specific risks you face
  • Their impact on your business
  • Whether you can give proof of financial records after the destruction of your hard copies
  • Recovery strategies
  • The effectiveness of the recovery solutions, its cost and how long it will take
  • Consider your employees
  • Have priorities of what to be recovered first
  • Employee workspace accommodation
  • Future improvements

It is clear that BCP is very important if you value your business. As you seek IT services in Los Angeles, business continuity should be placed as a priority. Advanced Networks is an IT company that can assist you to achieve your goal towards business continuity. Contact us now and let us step in to keep your business stable with a good and effective business continuity plan.

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