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Companies should work with IT services providers in Los Angeles to avoid potential cybersecurity attacks on their networks. Developments in the cybersecurity realm are alarming, thanks to the increasing adoption of smart devices and emerging technologies, which provide wide surface areas and unprecedented opportunities for cyberattacks. That said, as your business transitions to this new age of technologies, below are cybersecurity trends that your security team should keep in mind.

Cloud-Based Threats

Advancing technology spiraled by the coronavirus pandemic intensified the need for companies to embrace remote work and online collaboration. Cloud computing became a friendly alibi for most businesses looking to communicate and collaborate securely. Unfortunately, rapid migration into the cloud environment introduced a host of cybersecurity threats and challenges.

According to IT experts, surging cybersecurity threats from this massive transition include:

  • Reduced control and visibility
  • Misconfigured storage
  • Partial data deletion
  • Increased vulnerability of cloud apps

These threats will likely disrupt the security status of various businesses.

AI Integration with Cybersecurity

The introduction of artificial intelligence and its subsequent combination with machine learning brought forth unimaginable changes in the cybersecurity space. AI is the backbone of various automated cybersecurity systems, face detection, automated threat detection, and natural language processing technologies.

While these benefits cannot be understated, cybercriminals have also leveraged AI to launch smart attacks that bypass most security protocols. Fortunately, you can turn to IT services providers in Los Angeles for an integrated AI threat detection system, which can predict and notify your IT teams of possible cybersecurity threats. This is a major trend for IT teams looking to avoid falling prey to advanced attacks.

Zero-Trust Network Access

Initially, most IT professionals would recommend the use of Virtual Private Networks to remote workforce looking to access corporate networks. However, following the recent pandemic and increasing adoption of remote work, VPNs proved unreliable and inadequate.
Following this, Zero Trust Network Access emerged as a secure and reliable option for organizations with a remote workforce. Gartner estimates that more than 80% of digital business applications already use ZTNA, and 60 % will migrate from VPNs to ZTNA by 2023.

Insider Threats

IT experts predict that insider threats will be another trend in 2021, primarily due to the unprecedented transition to remote work. Most organizations were caught unaware, and insider threats are poised to increase due to weak passwords, unauthorized remote access, poor network security, and misuse of personal devices.

Bottom Line

Your business should adopt a proactive cybersecurity approach to curb the constantly increasing cybersecurity trends. You should also be flexible, agile, and collaborate with IT services providers in Los Angeles to secure their networks. Advanced Networks can help your business mitigate and respond to these evolving threats. For more info, contact us!

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