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If you are thinking about transitioning to Office 365 from your on-site server, you are on the right track. However, even the slightest misstep during this migration can create a slew of problems that chew up your time and resources. IT services experts in Los Angeles can help you facilitate the transition.

Review Devices and Applications That Will Be Impacted by the Migration

Start by taking an inventory of all networked devices prior to the migration. This is your opportunity to identify devices that will have reduced functionality amidst the transition to Office 365 on the cloud. If you feel flustered at any time during this research, do not hesitate to reach out to IT services experts in Los Angeles for assistance. Tech experts can add new configurations that ensure functionality after the transition to the cloud-based environment.

Inspect Files Prior to Migration

Files with names that have unsupported characters and files incompatible with Office 365 will prove problematic. Identify these potential issues prior to the migration process. The failure to account for file permissions will chew up your time, as you will have to rebuild security policies on each file from a blank slate following the migration.

Figure Out Server Management Prior to Migration

Someone will have to administer Office 365 following the completion of the migration. Select the right server management provider so that you will not be saddled by concerns regarding the management and services best suited to your business’s unique needs. Though it is possible to perform management in-house, you will likely have to invest some time in Microsoft’s Virtual Academy courses to facilitate the transition.

Ensure Your Versions of Windows and Office Suffice for Office 365 System Requirements

Your best option is to deploy the latest version of Microsoft Office. However, if your business relies on antiquated versions, such as the 2007 or 2010 version, it is still possible to upgrade to the Office 365 version. The rub is there will be a decrease in functionality that can impact your team. Furthermore, if your business relies on Windows Vista or XP, they will prove incompatible with Office 365. Take the time to upgrade to windows 7 now to ensure a seamless transition.

The best way to approach tech problem solving is to ask those in-the-know for assistance and insight. At Advanced Networks, we can help you troubleshoot your tech challenges and ultimately add to your bottom line. Whether you need assistance with cloud computing, network design, network assessments, data backup and recovery, managed services or anything else-tech related, our IT services team in Los Angeles is at your service. Contact us now for more details.

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