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When it comes to security breaches, those who work in IT envision digital attacks that pilfer valuable data. However, it is still possible for data centers to endure physical security breaches. Below, our IT services experts in Los Angeles provide an in-depth look at such breaches and strategies to prevent data loss.

Every Data Center has the Potential to be Physically Breached

If a data center is physically breached, the problem is still quite similar to a digital breach: data will likely end up in the wrong hands. The theft of a server is problematic for reasons beyond the money invested in the actual server. The information stored on servers is often much more valuable than physical machines.

The bottom line is a physical data center breach has the potential to be just as bad as a digital breach, especially if you do not have the assistance of a proven IT services provider in Los Angeles. Our IT consultants in Los Angeles will help you implement an overlap between physical security and digital security protocols. Both measures should complement one another for the comprehensive protection of essential data.

The Potential for a Lockdown and the Importance of Layered Security

If a data center endures a physical security breach, response measures must be triggered. In particular, a data center lockdown will help contain the threat before an abundance of data is pilfered. Every data center should have multi-factor authentication that forces those who are on-site to prove their identity and clearance level prior to accessing servers and data. The moral of the story is businesses and data centers should have a multi-tiered approach to securing their valuable information stored on-site. This way, if a line of security is bypassed, there will be other security systems in place to prevent a potentially disastrous data breach.


It is only a matter of time until cyber thieves attempt to breach your system. At Advanced Networks, our IT services team in Los Angeles is here to help fortify your digital defenses. Reach out to us today for more information about our digital security solutions and IT support services.

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