How an IT Services Provider in Los Angeles Can Help You Deal with Notorious Viruses

How an IT Services Provider in Los Angeles Can Help You Deal with Notorious Viruses

IT services Los AngelesComputer viruses are notorious for causing problems in the IT systems and networks that they infect. These viruses can spread from one computer to another within the network, bringing all operations to a standstill. As a businessperson, you need to come up with a business continuity plan that addresses what you will do in case your computer systems are infected. Owing to the complex nature of these attacks, it is highly advised that you work with an IT services provider in Los Angeles to counter the effects of computer viruses.

What are Viruses?

A virus is a malicious program which has the potential of infecting a computer and all the files it comes in contact with. Viruses can spread from one computer to another within the same network or they can be transferred to other computers through the use of removable media, such as USBs, CDs, and DVDs.

How Does a Computer Virus Work?

Viruses infect computers by attaching themselves to legitimate executable programs. Once an unsuspecting user clicks on the infected program, the virus is activated which will then move to corrupt or alter files on your computer and spread to other computers connected to your network.

Examples of Malware and Viruses to be Aware Of

Any IT services providers in Los Angeles must have come across some of this malware and viruses, and as thus, MSPs must have a working experience on how to deal with these attacks:

  • Trojans – A Trojan horse is a malicious program which masquerades as a legitimate program. This kind of program can dupe you into initiating it. Thinking that it is a legitimate program, it opens a backdoor for a hacker to gain access to your PC and corrupt, copy, or steal the information in your computer.
  • Botnets – Botnets are a string of connected computers which hackers use to scan the internet for vulnerabilities before deploying a Trojan horse to enable them to gain access to corporate networks from where they can steal financial, personal and other sensitive data.
  • Scareware – As the name suggests, these are fake malware whose end game is to dupe users into believing that their computers are infected. The scareware is designed to lead you into thinking that your computer is at risk.

The complex nature of viruses and other malware attacks is a reason enough for you to be vigilant. Protect your corporate network by partnering with Advanced Netwrorks. We are an IT services provider in Los Angeles that is ready to help you deal with these notorious intruders. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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