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Fileless Malware Defined

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IT services providers in Los Angeles have to retain cutting-edge technological capability because so many new threats arise with regularity in the IT world. Right now, fileless malware is backhanding businesses that rely on tech, and here’s what it is: malware which doesn’t require files that are “executable” within your network to corrupt operations. Fileless malware hides in Random Access Memory (RAM) and uses legitimate programs as vectors of infection.

Protecting Against Fileless Malware

IT companies in Los Angeles recommend a few distinct steps to be taken to help protect your operation. First, understand that fileless malware is a relatively new phenomenon. Though it’s been around at least four years and infected devices in dozens of countries, as yet, it’s not a primary “mover and shaker”, as the saying goes, in the IT community. However, it is on the increase, and that means you need to protect yourself with strategies like the following:

Monitoring and Support Exterior to Your Business

IT services providers in Los Angeles advise that you should institute exterior operational network monitoring for best results in terms of security. Help desks and MSPs can detect anomalies and either apprise your team of them or respond to them.

Backup and Disaster Protocols, Including Off-Site Backup

BDR stands for Backup and Disaster Recovery. If you don’t have BDR now, you need to get it, MSPs can help you get the balance right. Assure you include off-site backups for disasters beyond your control on-site.

Continuously Upgrading Existing Security

You also need to keep existing security protocols as updated as possible. New threats develop all the time, and even older issues become impacting as new methods of data breach are discovered by cybercriminals.

Protection Against Fileless Malware

Advanced Networks can help you get ahead of the latest cybercrime trends using monitoring, support, BDR, and the latest upgrades in terms of security. Fileless malware has gotten worse than ever, and it’s trending. To be sure you’re safe, contact our IT services team in Los Angeles.

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