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Manufacturing data breaches are often the work of hackers employed by nations around the world, according to IT support experts in LA. Intellectual property theft has become a growing segment of cyber attacks over the past few years. It’s critical that manufacturers take precautions to protect their proprietary information and data.

State-Sponsored and Dark Web Hacking

Intellectual property theft is a growing business for hackers. Nations around the world sponsor the work of hackers trying to steal data from other governments, as well as private businesses. China is likely the best-known perpetrator of this practice, but there are plenty of other governments doing it. Their goal is to gain information that they can use for their own gain. Having a company’s secrets of manufacturing is definitely on their list.

Manufacturing secrets are a major commodity in the dark markets. Gaining access to a company’s proprietary secrets and data is like striking a gold mine for a hacker. That information goes to the highest bidder.

How Is the Information Leaking?

Hackers use a number of methods for gaining access to a company’s network. However, the most common entry method is through spear phishing. If your company ever gets hacked, you may find out one of your employees is the unknowing accomplice.

Spear phishing involves sending emails that are disguised to be seen as coming from a trusted sender. The emails go to targeted individuals with the intent of getting them to open the email and click on a link. Clicking that link usually installs malware that the hacker uses to access the internal network. With access, the hacker can hunt down sensitive or proprietary information.

In a manufacturing facility, the information they want is the company’s manufacturing secrets. And, in 2017, almost 75% of the cyber attacks on manufacturing facilities were through social engineering attacks like spear phishing.

How to Stop the Attacks

IT support experts in LA recommend a multi-pronged approach for protecting manufacturing operations.

  • Data security techniques like risk assessment, data recovery, and awareness training must be enhanced.
  • Disaster recovery practices must be constantly done and continuously updated.
  • Continuous monitoring for data breaches will help minimize the impact of an attack.
  • Strict access requirements and multiple layers of security help prevent outsiders from gaining access.
  • Virtualizing servers, storage, and applications simplify things, which helps increase security while reducing costs.

These five practices can protect your manufacturing operations from a cyber attack. For more information, contact us at Advanced Networks. We are the IT support experts LA manufacturers trust with their data security.

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