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Microsoft 365, or Office 365, has some suitable applications that can benefit many small businesses seeking IT support in LA. Most businesses are often used to familiar applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook in managing workflows within their organizations. But enhancing productivity and ensuring a seamless workflow experience requires tapping into the latest Microsoft Apps specifically tailored for acute business needs. In this article, we discuss some of the best M365 applications ideal for your business functions and IT support.

Microsoft Planner

As a business entirely focused on growth, you want to invest in the best IT-supported mechanism that ensures seamless business operations. This includes task assignments, creating projects, and an excellent way to communicate with the business environment. Microsoft 365 makes all this possible through Planner.

Integrating Planner into your business operations gives you and your employees an easy time communicating, monitoring work progress, and planning new projects. The application works by focusing on conceptualization, allowing you to schedule your business functions based on the most important ones. The App can also be optimized to serve business needs in the way you want.

Microsoft Power Automate

Time-saving workflows geared towards maximizing productivity are what every business needs in these modern times. These are ideal solutions that promote more efficient ways of handling and completing business tasks using the fast-paced digital automation processes.

In that case, Microsoft Automate is an application your business needs for such smooth and automated processes. This ranges from individual employee tasks to large-scale business operations. The application is also an essential IT support tool for your business in LA, thanks to how it allows your employees to build secure workflows. From cloud-based solutions to in-built AI capabilities, there’s a lot more to expect from Microsoft Power Automate.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a reliable daily planner for all your business activities and functions. It differs from Microsoft planner because it only focuses on simple organizational tasks that don’t need extensive input. In simple terms, To-Do works as a task manager and will allow your employees to manage their to-do lists regardless of where they are.

Furthermore, employees using this application can accomplish all their work errands from a central place. If you have a business strictly adherent to deadlines, To-Do will help your employees set reminders for work deadlines and keep in touch with other coworkers regarding work progress.

Final Word

Every business needs real solutions that can help aid in workflow efficiencies and a seamless work experience. Microsoft 365 is one such productivity solution that brings together some of the best-in-class Office apps with real solutions for all your business needs.

For the best solutions on IT support for your LA business, you can count on our managed IT services to enhance your business growth. Get in touch with us at Advanced Networks for more insights about us and our solutions.

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