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IT Support in LA: Cloud Migration Assessment

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Cloud adoption worldwide has now reached 94%, according to cloud computing statistics from Hosting Tribunal. Organizations are after improved efficiency, flexibility, and cost-savings of the cloud.

However, due to the complex challenges encountered in the cloud migration process, most companies start with an in-depth cloud readiness assessment. This analysis can be done by IT support experts in LA to foresee hurdles down the road and minimize costs associated with the move.

Feasibility Analysis

The cloud migration feasibility analysis aims to find out whether the migration process would be reasonable for your business. The cloud assessment experts start by mapping out the data and workloads that need migration to the required processing on those data and the expected outputs.

This assessment finds out your applications’ performance post cloud migration and the constraints to their performance. Next follows a cost-benefit analysis that finds out the feasibility of the digitization by looking at costs and resource constraints.

Technical Requirement Analysis

During the planning stage, an accurate assessment of your IT environment is needed to understand the applications that are right for migration. You can reach out to IT support experts in LA to look at your company’s level of reliance on technology. Migration considerations will be done around:

  • Network and support to establish whether your bandwidth can support the migration process.
  • IT skills regarding architecture implementation, development, and operation.
  • Data security, especially with apps that carry sensitive information and how your security controls would adapt to the cloud environment.
  • Complexity—simple applications can easily be migrated to the cloud in a Software as Service model, but others would need refactoring.

Organizational Culture and Structure Assessment

Costs and application assessments help to prioritize the migration process and foresee the relative difficulties and expenses in moving applications to the cloud. In addition to that, you will need an organizational culture and structure assessment to devise the most graceful path to the cloud.

Your degree of cloud integration will mostly depend on your company’s structure and chain of communication. Cloud migration is bound to be impacted by the hierarchical structure of your organization, especially in regards to decision making, planning, and execution of operations.

Similarly, the way information flows in your organization can determine the level of integration and the seamlessness of the whole cloud migration process. Remember that this undertaking largely depends on user buy-in. If you have an efficient communication strategy, it is easier to cultivate positive employee attitudes towards cloud migration through team-to-team training.

In a nutshell, cloud readiness assessments are vital for organizations to make the right decisions in the digitization process. A detailed evaluation will help to identify and resolve financial and technical challenges and improve user buy-in during cloud migration.

At Advanced Networks, we provide the best-in-breed IT support in LA and cloud migration services. We can help to streamline and reduce costs in your cloud migration process. Contact us now for your cloud concerns and to learn more about our services.

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