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IT Support in LA: Why Is Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Essential to Businesses?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is an IT support service in LA that has been around for quite some time. When you receive a new router from your cable provider in replacement of an old one or when your wireless carrier replaces your old phone, they are giving you hardware together with the service. HaaS gives businesses the opportunity to maximize their profits without necessarily extending their budget.

How Does HaaS Work, and Why Go for It?

Hardware loses value with time, and it could be a disadvantage for a business to be stuck with old hardware forever. However, you can lease hardware from an IT support provider in LA, where you will be required to pay a monthly fee. With HaaS, the responsibility of hardware maintenance is left to the provider. The provider also has the obligation to replace old and outdated hardware with new and more functional ones.

Here are more benefits of HaaS:

Reduced Capital Expenses

With HaaS, you will not spend so much for a network hardware upgrade. With the help your provider, a large capital expense is successfully converted into a manageable operating expense, helping you free up your cash flow. In addition, with the fixed monthly fee, you can easily budget your IT expenses.

Up-To-Date Facilities

Apart from repair and replacement of broken hardware, HaaS providers guarantee timely upgrades with current IT equipment. As mentioned earlier, you do not want to be stuck with old equipment because you purchased it entirely.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Most of the time, new hardware is purchased but maintenance is neglected due to the high maintenance cost. With HaaS, maintenance of the equipment is part of your provider’s responsibility. You do not have to worry about system crashes after the expiry of warranty. Your MSP is there to prevent and resolve such issues.


Your technology needs are likely to change as your business expands. With HaaS, you can scale up or down depending on your business growth.

HaaS and the Cloud

Everybody today is using cloud computing, and that combined with HaaS will lead to a more productive and efficient functioning business.

As you can see, HaaS offers businesses more cost-saving opportunities with state-of-the-art equipment. You need to partner with an IT support provider in LA that understands your specific needs to offer you tailored hardware solution. Advanced Networks is one such partner. Our experts will assess your IT needs and come up with the best fitting solutions. Contact us now to learn more about HaaS and ways in which your business stands to benefit.

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