IT Support in Los Angeles Can Help Maximize Your Use of the Cloud

Tools Must Be Used Correctly

IT support in Los Angeles can help you learn the proper means of utilizing your tech solutions. It doesn’t matter how good a tool is if you don’t know how to use it, or if you don’t use it properly. What good is a jackhammer as a pogo stick? What good is a pogo stick as a jackhammer? It doesn’t matter how good the tool is if you’re not using it right. Cloud computing is no different and there are some best practices which may seem counter-intuitive. The following are several areas where common mistakes undermine cloud utility. Some good suggestions include:

  • Avoiding standalone solutions
  • Sourcing experienced integration personnel
  • Understanding backup solutions and properly prioritizing
  • Curtailing redundant users
  • Properly monitoring systems

Standalone Issues

A standalone cloud solution has a high likelihood of increasing expense. You want a provider of services that features contingent products. Should there be a software suite which includes solutions that are complimentary, expenses decrease. Think of it this way: What’s going to be easier to network; a Macintosh laptop and tablet, or a Windows tablet and a Macintosh laptop? You’ll need a middle-man for the latter; the former was designed to work harmoniously. It’s the same with the cloud. You want application suites designed to work in congruence.

Experienced Integration Personnel

IT support in Los Angeles is more likely to provide experts in cloud computing and support. You don’t want an IT expert who’s part of your staff, but isn’t familiar with the cloud. They may work passably, but they’re going to miss certain operational advantages through lack of experience. Save yourself the hassle and source a person who understands the latest trends.

Prioritizing Backups

An endless number of backups will monopolize cloud storage space. You want to backup using priority as a means of determining importance and phase cloud-stored backups to physical locations if the info is too important to delete. Otherwise, delete the data as it becomes unnecessary. Experienced integration personnel can help you determine proper priority in backups.

Redundant Users

Sometimes a user has more than one account which will be listed twice on a user list, and so charged for twice, as most cloud providers determine cost by the number of users in a system. You only want necessary users on the cloud account, and you don’t want them to have multiple online personas which could be listed twice by the cloud provider. If you must have multiple online profiles, alert your provider so they can structure their pricing accordingly.

Monitor Operations

You don’t just want monitoring— you want proactive monitoring. Cloud computing solutions are in development. This means they’re getting better. Any provider will be on the cutting-edge. You want proactive monitoring to help identify areas where activities may be undermining operations and to help you upgrade as necessary. Cloud computing without proactive monitoring will be effective, but will cross an event horizon over which the competition has an edge. So keep your edge through proactive monitoring.

Maximizing Your Cloud

IT support in Los Angeles through Advanced Networks is designed with continuous operational experience in mind. Contact us for efficient cloud computing solutions designed to maximize your investment in developing technology.

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