IT Support in Los Angeles: Understanding the Cyber Security Risks of IoT Devices

IT Support in Los Angeles: Understanding the Cyber Security Risks of IoT Devices

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The escalating growth of mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things) devices is fueling the rising number of cyber security threats. Smart phones and tablets are now an integral part of most businesses’ technology infrastructure. Add in the growing number of IoT-enabled devices being added to business networks and you can see why cyber security must be a priority for businesses of all sizes. Ignoring the threat is a gamble that could cause your business to close its doors. Fortunately, you could turn to an IT support provider in Los Angeles to help you with your business’ cyber security.

Technology Innovation and the Rising Threat of Cyber Attacks

For the past few decades, technology innovation has increased at light speed— this is great for businesses that want to leverage new technology. However, manufacturers usually release new devices and technologies with little thought to security, and this opens up gaps in cyber security that low-level hackers, criminals, and hacktivists exploit. This scenario leaves the tech industry scrambling to fill in the gaps. But, it takes time to fill the security holes, giving hackers time to exploit the weaknesses.

What recent technology innovations leave security gaps? IoT devices are at the top of the list, according to a review of predictions completed by Tech Pro Research at the beginning of the year. Security automation and malware come in second and third place, respectively.

Where Is Your Organization Vulnerable?

The first step to counter the threat is to understand where your organization is vulnerable. It is not an easy undertaking, but it is necessary. You need a reliable IT support provider in Los Angeles to help you identify the vulnerabilities of your systems, so a security measure will be put in place immediately.

Here are some areas to consider for a tighter IT security of your Los Angeles business:

  • Number of IoT devices – How many IoT-enabled devices do you have connected to your network? IoT devices are those which can send or receive information via a network and which have a dedicated address on the network. This includes PCs, servers, printers, network devices, smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart copiers, and even some of the appliances in your break room. Every device on your network is a point of vulnerability.
  • Device tracking – Can you successfully track the IoT devices connected to your network? When employees bring their personal smart phones into the workplace, many businesses let them connect to the company network. Because they are not company assets, it is difficult to track them on the network— and that puts the network at risk of an attack through an uncontrolled asset.
  • Change of passwords ­- Do you have a process in place to change passwords on IoT devices? Most devices come with a default password. If that password is not changed, it can leave the device vulnerable to an attack. You may have done this on all the PCs, laptops, smart phones, and servers, but that still leaves a ton of IoT devices that have the default password still in place.
  • Necessary policy in place – Do you have a policy on the adoption of IoT devices and their integration to the network? Many companies don’t have a formal policy. Each department purchases devices and connects them to the network without IT’s involvement. Having a policy in place and enforcing it is a good move towards securing your network against cyberattacks.

If you want to improve your cyber security, you need the help of only the best IT support provider in Los Angeles— that’s us at Advanced Networks! Contact us today and let us help you improve your cyber security and propel your business to greater heights.

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