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Working with IT support experts in LA is a sure way of benefiting from next-generation firewall systems (NGFW). For most organizations, firewalls form their primary security strategy. However, modern generation security threats pose a significant risk that traditional firewalls cannot handle. Threats of high-end cyberattacks expose businesses to malicious emails and phishing schemes with dangerous effects. That said, below are the benefits of using next-generation firewalls over traditional firewalls in your business.

Multi-Layered System Protection

Traditional firewalls protect specific ports and protocols, based on a destination IP address and source. This limited them to the Transport Layer and the Data Link Layer of the OSI Model. This formed a single-layer of data protection, which has since become insignificant with evolving data systems. New generation firewall systems provide all these with additional integrated intrusion detection systems. This detects threats based on anomalous behavior and behavioral traffic activities. NGFW provides deep inspection and betters packet-content filtering to the application layer.

Reduced and Simplified Infrastructure

Using traditional firewalls required companies to install a separate security appliance for every emerging threat. This led to increasing costs and efforts in maintaining and updating the systems. Besides, the always-dynamic IP address made it quite complicated to configure the rules required to identify and maintain traffic. Besides, traditional firewall systems lacked sufficient controls and security for various applications, contents, and users.

However, with the new generation firewall system, your company benefits from integrated deep-packet inspection, seamless application control, and integrated anti-virus and spam filtering. You won’t also need to install extra devices, eliminating the infrastructural intricacies.

Open Application Control

Gaining maximum application control is essential for every business. Working with IT support professionals in LA as you upgrade to next-generation firewall with application control enables users to create application-specific firewall policy. This helps in regaining full control over various applications through bandwidth regulations.

Installing a reliable next-generation firewall on your company wireless network enables you to leverage various application usage controls, such as allowing specific applications to run, decrypting and inspecting data, and allowing certain users or groups. This is a recipe for increased productivity, minimal risks of data leakage, and protection from scavenging malware.

A robust next-generation firewall system not only provides traditional firewall benefits but also protect your systems from modern generation cyber threats. With the indispensable features that NGFW delivers, it is prudent to engage with IT support experts in LA during your upgrades. At Advanced Networks, we provide a plethora of IT services for various companies in LA. Contact us now to enjoy the benefits of NGFW.

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