Why IT Support in LA Beats Break-fix Firms

Why IT Support in LA Beats Break-fix Firms

IT support LAWould you rather cut corners and not worry about IT support in LA or plan for business growth by working with experienced tech experts? If you choose the former, you may never enjoy the latter. Since computers don’t last forever and a talented IT consultant can help cut expenses and proactively prevent disasters, it’s more advantageous to hire managed IT service provider rather than fixing technical problems after they happen. Here’s why:

Experts vs. the Unknown

One of the major advantages of choosing a skilled IT support provider in LA over break-fix vendors is that you will be dealing with a diverse pool of experienced technicians. Break-fix firms, on the other hand, don’t necessarily recruit the most skilled talent. They are in the business of getting paid by the hour, often without guaranteeing quick results. Essentially, you will be at their mercy, even if they can’t repair your problem right away.

A reputable managed service provider (MSP) doesn’t try to gouge clients for however long they can stretch out the time clock. They are more concerned about developing long-term relationships, so they offer a variety of services at a fixed monthly fee. Not only will a modern MSP be determined to resolve your issue as soon as possible, they will offer plenty of helpful advice as well as robust security solutions.

Furthermore, an MSP is more dedicated to keeping up with new technology, whereas break-fix firms don’t necessarily have that same commitment. Many break-fix companies turn out to be fly-by-night operations due to crowded competition. So you have to ask yourself if you would rather adopt a mentor who cares about improving your business or just technicians that treat clients like statistics.

Proactive Maintenance

The odds of a break-fix firm conducting proactive maintenance to prevent future hardware or software failure are pretty slim. They will likely be too busy learning your system by trial and error. But an MSP will become familiar with your infrastructure for the long-term and do what’s necessary to prevent technical meltdowns and cyber attacks. Here are examples of how MSPs can take proactive steps to protect the digital assets of their clients:

  • Update software regularly
  • Backup and test data to ensure it can be accessed quickly
  • Monitor your network 24/7 for suspicious activity
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan
  • Train employees how top spot nefarious emails
  • Implement a blacklist of forbidden websites and applications
  • Make risk assessments

Your business can accelerate toward your goals faster by hiring a seasoned IT support team in LA. It will help you plan your budget better and minimize shocking surprises. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to learn more about improving your network quality.

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