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IT support LATelecommuting is the idea of employees working from home. They can also work from another location that is remote from the actual office they are employed. By the help of IT support providers in LA, many businesses are adopting telecommuting because of new innovations in technology and computers. New technology has made the idea of working from home an attractive alternative. With the use of personal computers, online meeting software, video calls, electronic mails, and wireless devices, employees can work from home and still keep in touch with their employers, colleagues, and customers. In the future, telecommuting work option for employees is expected to increase. This is because telecommuting has the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

According to a study carried out by Stanford in 2014, it showed that there was a 13% increase in productivity for call centers employees who worked from home. You may think that since your employees are out of sight that they may take advantage and slack off. However, studies have shown the opposite. According to statistics carried out by Global Workplace Analytics, teleworkers were revealed to be 20-25% more productive than their office coworkers. Another study conducted by the University of Texas revealed that telecommuters worked longer than their office colleagues for about 5-7 hours. Flexibility in working options helps in boosting productivity. This is because employees have control over their work.

Reduced Turnover

Many businesses experience high employee turnover rate. This happens when employees relocate to other states, start a new family or get a better working environment. This leads to a company loss if they have to recruit and train new employees often. Telecommuting can help in increasing employee retention. According to a study, employees who telecommute are much happier than those who work in offices. When an employee is happy, most likely they will not leave their work. Having IT support in LA can help your business retain employees. This is because the IT experts will help in creating software’s that will make communication and working from home easy for your employees.

Increased Morale

Workers who work from home tend to be happier and healthy. The flexibility with telecommuting leads to workers becoming happier and creative. Going to work is stressful. Think of the traffic jam that annoys most workers, and you have to wake up early so that you are not late in the office. By working from home, employees get more time to engage in pleasurable activities and also take care of the kids.

Cost Saving

Telecommuting is not only beneficial to employees, but also to the company. A company can save about $ 11000 on each employee annually. A company will not incur expenses like parking space, office space, office stationery, and lunch.

While all these benefits are good, a company’s information can be leaked very easily by telecommuters. Since you do not want that, having a dedicated IT support team in LA could be your solution. At Advanced Networks, we handle computer issues and the required security risks and updates. Contact us now!

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