IT Support in LA: Break-fix Method vs. Allying With an MSP

IT Support in LA: Break-fix Method vs. Allying With an MSP

The average organizations focused on keeping costs low while maximizing revenue. Plenty of companies look to the tech department when cutting costs. There is a growing trend toward leaning on IT support providers in LA rather than the traditional break-fix model. In many cases, it is cheaper and more efficient to lean on a managed service provider (MSP) than an IT contractor or in-house personnel.


Do not rush to select an MSP or continue with the break-fix approach. Take your time and consider a number of different important factors. Consider the amount of downtime your organization can experience before losing clients. Consider if it is possible to put off maintenance without busting your budget. Furthermore, you must consider whether a monthly fee to stop such problems from occurring in the first place is worth the money. The answer to these questions is unique to each business.


Take a moment to imagine how nice it would be to enjoy preventative IT care. You won’t have to wait for something to break in order for your IT assistants to get into action. This team of professionals will nip problems in the bud before they develop into major issues that affect the productivity of your organization. If any issues arise, you will be able to reach out to an MSP for prompt assistance.

Just as important is the fact that allying with an MSP will provide you with assurance for budgeting. You will know exactly what an IT support provider in LA charges each month, so there is no hesitation when it comes to budgeting. This is a stark contrast to other approaches that have varying IT costs or exorbitant IT costs in the case of companies that employ a full team of in-house tech professionals.

Break-Fix Approach

The traditional approach to IT is break-fix. This means a company manages its own tech needs either through in-house personnel or an IT contractor. Certain businesses have an in-house IT professional or a tech-savvy staff member who can handle some types of tech issues. However, tech is dynamic rather than static. This means it is constantly changing. There is a risk that one or a couple in-house IT employees might not suffice. Even if they do, their salaries and benefits might prove egregiously costly. Furthermore, there is a chance these in-house employees flee to a competitor and leave your organization in a jam.

Those who rely on an IT contractor to work on an hourly or per-project basis run the risk of not having a dedicated team of professionals that know the nuances of the IT system. There is considerable value in your IT crew having an in-depth understanding of your idiosyncratic system.

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