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IT support LARansomware has been around most of this decade and still presents challenges to businesses without effective IT support in LA. Like a never-ending riddle, it’s a form of malicious software that keeps growing in sophistication. But that doesn’t mean you have to operate your company in constant fear. Working with an experienced IT provider that stays up-to-date with new technology is the key to a safe and sound network.

Why Ransomware is a Serious Threat

The biggest reason why you need to guard against ransomware is that it can put vulnerable firms out of business quickly. Small startups that try to cut corners on costs without some type of IT support in LA run the greatest risk of collapsing overnight. Attackers prey upon businesses using old technology that’s no longer supported with upgrades. They also try to fool untrained employees with phishing emails that masquerade as trusted colleagues.

A worst-case scenario is when a careless business never bothers to back up data and has no disaster recovery plan because it has nothing to turn to for maintaining business continuity in a cyber attack or natural disaster. That’s a major catastrophe that can lead to a future of big lawsuits if confidential information is breached.

Ransomware is a potential nightmare because it can lock up computers, denying users access until they comply with the attacker’s demand to make a ransom payment with cryptocurrency. Since hackers are con artists, following their orders does not mean they will unlock your computer as the meaner ones might destroy your data anyway.

How IT Services Block Hackers

Just because a company conducts backups regularly and has a disaster recovery plan doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe from harm. You also need to outsmart hackers in the first place by implementing strong security measures. Antivirus software alone is no longer good enough to shield a business from cyber attacks.

Several strategies can make hackers give up and move on, but in general, the key is to implement a multi-layered security strategy. Just like a chess game, you have to think several moves ahead of your opponent. Here are practical steps for your IT team to take to minimize the risk of an attack:

  • Be proactive by training employees how to spot suspicious emails
  • Back up your data in at least three places including an offsite location
  • Use firewalls, virtualization, or both to make your system harder to penetrate

Due to the rising threat of ransomware, it’s advantageous to partner with an IT support provider in LA. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can monitor your network and block unwelcome intruders.

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