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IT support firms in LA can help you reduce collateral expenses from modern shifts in technology. Did you know that cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar industry? Now, consider this: how much is a minute of your business’s time worth?

How many employees do you have? Say you’ve got 100 employees on the phones wasting one minute a day on spam calls; that’s 700 minutes a week or 4,258.33 hours a year, assuming 100 employees on the phone year-round. That’s $85,166.66 at only $20 an hour per employee.

Those minutes add up! IT groups help you keep such calls from assaulting your operation’s profit. Following are several tips to consider this direction:

Learn to Recognize Spam, Refrain from Engagement

IT support firms in LA can help train you and your staff in the art of recognizing and avoiding spam calls. Especially if you’ve got inbound sales lines, you can’t afford to simply ignore a call if the phone number isn’t recognized. That unknown number could be a new prospect ripe for conversion. You’ve got to answer the phones, but spam will often come with recognizable area codes. Not always, but there are many instances where this is the case.

Be Diligent to Report Spammers to the National Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry is a free service you can report such spam calls to. Train your team to do so routinely and you will continuously reduce your visibility to spammers.

Work with Tech Companies to Institute Technological Solutions

The right tech people can help you use hardware and software solutions. Firewalls, smartphone apps, and screening options exist. With many call centers, those who dial their number are sent to an automated trafficking system which helps send the right customers to the right departments. Such automated systems can be used to help screen out spammers.

Unfortunately, since cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, it develops in collateral to mainstream tech. This means new threats will always be on the horizon. If you’re going to have the most comprehensive protection, your best bet will be working with an MSP who is on the cutting edge and seeking to remain there competitively.

Minimizing Spam Costs

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can give you an evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses, provide you a suite of call screening options and software solutions to prevent spam, and help you learn to recognize signs of spammers. Contact us for more information.

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