IT Support in LA Can Help You Design a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan

IT Support in LA Can Help You Design a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan

IT support LA, IT security Los AngelesFive Primary Points of Security

IT support in LA is cutting-edge because it has to be. Security is top-priority and this should be the case no matter the size of your business. A small business may not be at the same level of financial risk as a larger operation but that doesn’t mean they’re at no risk. As a matter of fact, it may just be that SMBs have a somewhat increased risk because often times they are less likely to have the same levels of cyber security as bigger businesses; making them an easier target for cyber criminals. As it turns out, approximately 43% of small businesses are regularly targeted for cybercrime— this is a little more than four out of 10.

With this in mind, four areas where you can improve your business’s cyber-security are:

  • Passwords: make them complex and transitionary
  • Points of entry: ensure all are protected and can detect intruders
  • Security logs: make them and monitor them
  • Vulnerability identification: MSPs can help you detect and patch weak areas


IT support providers in LA commonly advises clients regarding their password protection because so many clients are “out to sea” on this one. They have simple passwords they never change and which are extremely easy to crack with some basic knowledge of human predictability. You want a password with at least one capital letter, at least eight characters, and at least one symbol. “Password1!” fulfills these qualifications, but it’s really easy to crack because it’s just so obvious. There are quite a few passwords regularly used which are just like this and a hacker can simply run down the list until he finds one that works. You need password protection protocols which continuously transition obscure passwords impossible to predict and require military-grade decryption to crack. If all endpoints have detection protocols you can see if someone is trying to hack your system and block them.

Points of Entry

You’ve got smartphones, smartwatches, smart thermostats, smart fridges, cloud computing, and traditional on-site networks. In short, between the IoT (Internet of Things), existing tech, and the cloud, your SMB probably has many areas where a hacker could enter— some you won’t even realize. As a matter of fact, there’s such a thing as an “SMB” port, though here the abbreviation stands for “Server Message Block” rather than “Small to Medium-Sized Business.”

In 2016, Ransomware attack “WannaCry” affected 150+ countries by invading businesses through their SMB ports. You need to protect all points of entry like this and have monitoring protocols in place which can detect intruders and alert security personnel either of the internal or external variety.

Security Logs

You want security logs because compliance regulations stipulate their requirement and because you can expediently catch security issues and get ahead of them.

Vulnerability Identification

An MSP can help you identify vulnerabilities of operation and curtail them before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Securing Your Business

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help provide you with more robust IT security solutions for your Los Angeles business; identifying common problem areas and patching them before they can impact your business. Contact us to protect you against a cybercrime wave that is only getting bigger.

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