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IT support LAIT support firms in LA provide many kinds of support options, and some of the most beneficial to SMBs are cloud options— specifically, Software as a Service (SaaS). Many organizations neglect to properly manage SaaS, and as a result, they undermine operations as a whole.

SaaS provides outsourcing solutions which help comprehensively manage software in a way that’s visible and easy to augment as necessary. When you’ve got a bunch of disparate programs, you increase the “surface area” of vulnerabilities threatening your business.

Think of it this way: if you’ve got one department on one operating system, like Apple computer software, and another on Windows, information transfer will have to go through additional layers, increasing complication. It’s the same with differing software solutions even on aligned operating systems. Common issues include:

Lack of Integration

IT support firms in LA will help you integrate all operational software. To borrow a colloquialism, the right tech people can get everything “on the same page” technologically speaking. Integration naturally yields increased operational efficiency. Delays are reduced cumulatively. Information is better preserved, and new solutions are easier to introduce. Ultimately, this produces greater competitive edge. Without SaaS, it’s hard if not impossible to reach such levels of integration.

Security Compromise

The less integrated you are in terms of software, the more blind spots you’ll have in terms of security. Today’s business atmosphere is thick with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and other personnel-centric operating strategies. BYOD models naturally have multiple diverse devices using operational software. Their access will include increased security threats without software management properly safeguarding usage.

Access needs to be managed; certain programs need to be restricted from the network. Additionally, proprietary development programs function more smoothly through the cloud than most on-site solutions. But even for on-site networks, working with cloud-based software can save a lot of time and money. Sometimes those savings are a collateral result of increased security preserving operations from cybercriminal attacks, such as 2017’s WannaCry worm, which affected 150+ countries.

Reduction in Services Delivery

When systems aren’t aligned, services delivery lags, making you less of a contender in the local market. Competitors with SaaS management through the right MSP are likely going to have an edge on you. Effective SaaS serves clients, too.

Strengthening Your Business Through SaaS

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks will help round out security, integrate, and maximize service delivery through proper SaaS solutions. For more information on this and other modern business technology needs, as well as a variety of cutting-edge solutions, contact us.

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