An IT Support Provider in LA Can Help Mitigate the Risks Associated with Virtualization

An IT Support Provider in LA Can Help Mitigate the Risks Associated with Virtualization

IT support LACloud computing and virtualized technologies continue to improve how small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) access the IT infrastructure needed to run their businesses. Today, these businesses can enjoy sophisticated IT services offered by their preferred managed service providers (MSPs). Sadly, cloud computing and virtualized technologies, if not properly managed, can expose your business to some serious security threats. You can safeguard your business against these risks by partnering with an IT support provider in LA who will not only help you design and deploy your virtualized IT system but also keep you safe from the inherent security threats.

Security Threats Associated with Virtualized Technologies

Over the years, SMBs have been shifting their IT systems from the traditional physical systems to virtual systems hosted in the cloud. Hackers have also taken note of this shift and with this, they too have decided to move their attacks to the cloud specifically targeting vulnerable businesses. In our experience as an IT support provider in LA, we have identified a number of security threats facing virtualized technologies.

Here are the top three security threats that you should guard against:

  1. VML sprawl – By now, you must be aware that setting up a virtual machine is a rather fast process. VML sprawl describes a situation where the number of virtual machines found on a network grow beyond the number which can be managed effectively. Effective VM management spans from setting up the VM all the way to periodic patching and maintenance. When the number of VMs are too many, chances are that some might not be managed effectively exposing them as loopholes for hackers.
  2. Data loss and theft – Similar to physical machines, virtual machines are also susceptible to data loss and theft. In the event that an unauthorized person gets access to your VM machine or to any VM machine in the network, the hacker can steal data from your VM and all the other VMs connected to you’re the vulnerable VM.
  3. Poorly configured hypervisor – The security of the virtual environment depends on how secure the hypervisor is. Any unauthorized access to the hypervisor can compromise the security of the virtual environment. It is important for your MSP to define who gets access to what part of your VM. Restricted access will ensure that your VM is protected.

If you are looking for an MSP to secure your VM, then look no further. At Advanced Networks, we are a certified IT support provider in LA dedicated to securing our clients’ virtual environments from all security threats. Contact us today to learn more.

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