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IT support LAOne of the areas that IT support in LA can improve your business is in recommending data storage solutions that save space and money. A data storage strategy called deduplication is efficient for minimizing space when it comes to backing up data on a regular basis. Here are reasons why deduplication can help your business cut costs and save space:

Reducing Duplicates

A major advantage of deduplication is that it involves eliminating extra unnecessary copies of files on your storage medium. The process also replaces copies with metadata that refers to original files. It’s an efficient solution because only unique data is written to disk, which can save up to 75 percent of disk space. Due to space conservation, you’ll save money on hardware upgrades. Deduplication does not require sending data over a network, which allows you to use bandwidth in other ways.

Greater Data Center Efficiency

Deduplication creates better overall efficiency for a data center, allowing it to conserve power and physical space. By keeping redundant data to a minimum, backups can be restored more quickly, reducing the chances of downtime. The more efficient your data backup and recovery plan, the more your IT support provider in LA can focus on other areas of improving your business technology.

There are different ways to achieve deduplication based on your available resources. The process may be conducted at the backup source or the target, depending on the application. When deduplication is done at the source it compresses the data prior to transmission to its storage location, which speeds up the process. It’s also an easy way to deliver data to remote servers in the cloud. Target deduplication requires more bandwidth and is useful for larger data transfers. It’s a more efficient solution for companies that can afford the bandwidth.

In an ideal scenario for maximum efficiency, only one copy of each file is stored on a backup server, although you should also have multiple servers available for data recovery. By keeping data redundancy limited, you will save plenty of storage space, particularly if you are using virtual machines. This process also applies to keeping email attachment duplicates to a minimum.


The type of deduplication process that your IT support provider in LA chooses depends on your existing infrastructure. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can provide you with a scalable, secure cost-saving backup storage.

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