IT Support in LA: Common Signs It’s Time to Upgrade a Phone System

IT Support in LA: Common Signs It’s Time to Upgrade a Phone System

IT support LAPhone systems will eventually become outdated just like everything else. If you encounter even the slightest trouble when attempting to communicate with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and others, consider an alternative solution. Our IT support team in LA has identified a few of the most common signs that indicate if it is time to upgrade to an improved phone system. Here they are:

You are Paying to Fax, Yet You Rarely use the Fax Machine

Plenty of companies still pay to send and receive faxes. There is no need to do so in this day and age. Fax lines are costly and unreliable. Do not bother with the cost and time required to maintain a physical fax machine when you can use virtual faxing or email. Use VoIP for telecommunications, and you will find replacing your fax machine is a seamless process. Faxes will arrive right at your inbox in the form of a PDF that is easy to open.

You Have Multiple Locations

Some companies add brick and mortar sites with distinct phone systems. However, there is a significant financial and administrative commitment to multiple phone systems. This setup also drains IT resources to boot. Opt for a phone system based on the cloud, and it will be able to host connections at numerous geographic locations for consistent overarching support.

The Current System has Capacity Issues

Regular phone systems have a limit on the number of contacts that can be added. Names and phone numbers can’t be entered beyond a specific ceiling. Consider changing to a new system or going with an upgrade. Keep in mind that conventional providers can take upwards of several weeks for DDI numbers to be assigned to new hires. VoIP allows for seamless scaling without restraints. This cloud-based system for communication will prove essential to your company’s continued growth. If you have any concerns with the cloud, do not hesitate to reach out to IT support experts in LA for prompt assistance.

A Third Party is Necessary for Conference Calls

Regular phone lines have a maximum number of connections that can be on a single call at a time. This limit makes conference call hosting challenging. If you dread conference calls, or if you rely on a third party, consider transitioning to a VoIP business phone system. This system will provide standard call conferencing. Don’t worry about international calls. Blueface provides international dial-in services as a standard feature to help businesses get work done across the globe at all times.

Your Mobile and Landline are not Unified

If your mobile and landline phones are not treated as one in the same, and if you have multiple voicemail boxes and/or several phone numbers, it is time to upgrade to a new telecommunications solution. Unify your communications by consolidating services. Consolidate, and you will enjoy clear phone bills, easy voicemail access, extension dialing, simple redirects and so much more.

If you are not satisfied with your phone system or simply need help with anything tech-related, contact our IT support team in Los Angeles at Advanced Networks today. We provide managed IT services, cloud services, telecommunications assistance and more. This is the 24/7/365 support your company needs to reach its potential.

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