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What Is the Distributed Cloud?

Though there are hybrid and private cloud options, one reason IT support professionals in LA often advise utilizing distributed cloud options has to do with increased convenience and performance. Distributed cloud is basically “satellite” cloud server arrays in strategic locations.

For example, one massive server array of a million servers might be located in Los Angeles and serve the world; but what if you’re located in Sydney, Australia? Meanwhile, distributed cloud options would put multiple smaller server arrays in strategic locations that serve relevant clients, allowing those in a location to access their cloud specifically. This increases the speed and performance of the cloud option they’ve chosen.

Performance as Underlined by SLA

An IT services provider in LA can help you upgrade in a way that offers distinct advantages as outlined in Service Level Agreements. These include:

  • Specific workloads at specific hubs
  • Keeping certain data Located in a specified location
  • Targets for latency and/or throughput defined on a per-component or per-hub basis

Essentially, you keep workloads for your business at one cloud “satellite” location, ensure data remains at that location, and avoid throughput or latency per region as defined by your SLA. An IT support provider in LA can effectively optimize services by consolidating data needs to a distributed cloud option in this way.

Additional Areas of Quality Upgrade

Additional areas that tend to benefit from such an approach include:

  • Updates in hardware and software more specific to user needs
  • Overall cloud security–expect more secure operations
  • Higher availability owing to concentrated usage
  • More effective infrastructural Stability overall

An IT services provider in LA can help you explore options as regards distributed cloud solutions to determine whether such optimizations will make a real difference to the efficiency of operations overall.

Finding Out If Distributed Cloud Solutions Fit Your Business

Working with an IT support provider in LA can help you stay up-to-date, maintain security, enhance availability, and be more structurally stable through distributed cloud options. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about this innovation in cloud tech.

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