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Having IT support in LA can save you a lot of trouble, but you’ve got to be savvy. While tech companies can do everything for you, this isn’t always the most balanced approach. It can be better to seek consultation pertaining to certain tech functions, and do the work yourself. With your car, if you can do a few repairs, you can save thousands. It’s similar with IT.

DIY Balance

IT services providers in Los Angeles can help you determine which actions are possible for your business to complete without an on-site tech, and which ones require the careful handling of IT professionals. Following, we’ll explore several common scenarios that, with proper guidance, you should be able to handle yourself:

Slow-Running Devices: Restart / Reboot / Relaunch / Upgrades

IT support providers in LA will often advise a few common things when trouble-shooting slow devices. Random Access Memory (RAM) may be taxed through some sort of software function; quitting everything can help. A reboot of a program, or a total computer restart, could be in order. Also, sometimes you need to upgrade.

Random Computer Shutdowns: Ransomware, The Need To Reinstall OS

You should continuously update your backups. Ransomware will lock you out and can result in random shutdowns. This may require initializing the harddrive and rebooting under a clean operating system (OS). Provided you’re always keeping data backed up, this won’t be a big deal.

Lack of Device Startup Ability: Sometimes a Reboot, Sometimes Tech Support

When computers won’t boot up at all, there are sometimes keyboard combinations you can use to get to a control menu where you can initiate a reboot using a startup disk as your harddrive. There are times you can do this on your own, and others where you need a tech. With the right IT agency, you can push your limits.

Determining Repair Limitations

Our IT support team in LA can help you manage slow-running devices, curtail random shutdowns, and get devices who won’t start to operate properly. Often you can do the work on-site yourself, there are times when you’ll need more help. To learn more, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks.

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