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With cyber threats on the rise, IT support has become essential to help businesses in LA improve security capability. Companies have to keep up with digitization to remain relevant in a highly competitive landscape. But this can increase the attack surface and loopholes that hackers can exploit.

The attack surface refers to all the vulnerabilities and entry points in your system that cybercriminals can exploit to launch an attack. Ideally, a smaller attack surface means fewer chances of experiencing successful breach attempts.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management involves the process of identifying, analyzing, remediating, and reporting possible vulnerabilities in your system. Continuous vulnerability management is critical to enhancing your security. According to the Centre for Internet Security, businesses should maintain ongoing security assessments to minimize loopholes and weaknesses.

Vulnerability analysis assigns a threat score to different assets and applications. However, the scores don’t paint the whole picture unless they demonstrate how hackers exploit the weak points. You can visualize system weaknesses by developing real-time models of likely attack scenarios based on vulnerabilities. Here are some ways to accomplish threat modeling:

  • Attack simulation – It demonstrates different ways hackers can navigate the network to exploit weaknesses.
  • Attack surface modeling – builds a real-time simulation of your attack surface using network assets, network topologies, and access policies.
  • Patch simulations – it leverages your network policies to establish the specific patches with the highest security impacts.

Minimize System Complexities

Removing unnecessary complexities can lower your attack surface and improve security. Usually, system complexities stem from poor policy management and missing data during the rule creation stage. This can lead to overly permissive system policies that grant more access than required to perform business tasks.

The key problem with complex systems is that they increase the possibility of errors. As such, it’s prudent to leverage IT support in LA to ensure system simplicity for better security.

Network Segmentation

Establishing reliable perimeters on your network is an excellent step towards protecting the entire system. However, segmenting all your networks is necessary for improved security. Segmentation lowers the threat surface by establishing additional barriers that cybercriminals face when attempting an attack.

Segmentation means you can narrow down the security controls to a single device or application. Besides reducing the number of vulnerable assets, segmentation limits the amount of time attackers can remain undetected. Basically, it’s like adding “quicksand” in intrusion routes to sabotage attackers.


Digitalization comes with a fair share of security challenges, and it’s impossible to eliminate the resources, motivation, and incentives that propel cybercriminals. However, we can help you reduce the attack surface and limit intrusion opportunities available to hackers. At Advanced Networks, we provide state-of-the-art IT support solutions that can keep your LA business safe. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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