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Most people are aware the cloud is used to store and secure data. However, cloud technology can also be used for business communication continuity. The last thing you need is a phone system problem that makes work a nightmare for your team and your clients. If your company does not have a redundancy plan in place to deal with a disaster, a communication failure will eventually compromise your bottom line. Below, our IT support team in LA explains how to use the cloud for business communication continuity.

Developing a Plan for Communication Continuity

Creating a disaster recovery plan for communication no longer requires re-engineering the company phone system. Instead, cloud communications are the answer. A cloud phone system helps boost the system recovery along with the continuity of your business. This approach involves virtual hosting so you do not have to ponder nightmare scenarios that previously disrupted on-site phones. The cloud guarantees communication even if a phone line is no longer functional. If the web goes down, calls are re-routed through backup smartphone numbers or by way of auxiliary business offices.

Switch to the Cloud for Connectivity Continuity

Every business needs and deserves a phone system that remains up and functional. If a company-wide outage were to eliminate your company’s internet and power, the cloud-based communication system would still empower your team to connect from remote locations. If you are worried about network downtime, our IT support team in LA can help. Let us evaluate your network, and we will identify weak points to minimize or even eliminate your downtime.

Full Scalability

A phone system that is cloud-based is fully scalable. If call flow must be re-directed from one site to a separate site, it can be done without disrupting the call service and quality. The cloud ensures continuity and recovery issues will not trip up your business. This way, when problems arise, your company will remain confident knowing you have a reliable communication continuity plan.

The Cloud Enhances Redundancy

Redundancy is built directly into application architecture. In other words, the system pinpoints issues that might arise. Redundancy empowers you to perform troubleshooting during regular business hours as opposed to having to come in late at night or early in the morning to perform troubleshooting. The cloud is essentially a digital safety net that ensures communication system functionality at all times.

At Advanced Networks, our IT support team in LA can help you make the most of the cloud for your company’s communication continuity and more. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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