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IT support LAHackers thrive in exploiting vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks. They exploit these vulnerabilities to launch their attacks. As a business owner, you cannot underrate the importance of patching up your network and system software. It is only through patching that you will be able to safeguard your critical data and protect your firm against attacks emanating from poorly patched IT systems. Whenever you come across a pop-up message while working on your machine asking you to download and install updates, please don’t ignore such a message. These updates carry the files needed to seal vulnerabilities in your software and make your network hacker-proof. Read on to understand the importance of a patch management system as discussed IT support experts in LA.

What is Patching?

Simply put, patching is the process of using lines of codes sent by vendors to seal loopholes and repair vulnerabilities that have been found in your software. Sealing these loopholes is an undertaking that you should take very seriously.

How Serious is Patching?

In our practice as an IT support provider in LA, we have come to find that problems associated with patching are very serious. Notice that, these patches are normally released to seal vulnerabilities which the vendor’s IT team has come across. Failing to patch your network can expose your IT system to a hacker who can use the vulnerabilities as a backdoor into your system and network. So, every time your vendor releases the patches, be sure to update your software or operating system.

Who Are at Risk?

Bearing in mind that your vendor is out to ensure that your systems remain hacker-proof, your decision not to patch can actually work against you. If you overlook the alert asking you to patch your system, then you are most likely going to expose your firm and its entire network to hackers and other cybercriminals. Remember, a hacker only needs to find a single vulnerability to access your entire network. Well, if you or your employees access the internet using your business computers, then know that you are at risk of a hacking incident. Remember the importance that the internet plays to businesses of all sizes, you cannot afford not to use the internet. So, we strongly advise that as you use the internet, please make sure that all your software and network is patched to avoid being prey to hackers.

Seen the importance of patching? Would you like to learn how to keep your network safe as you work online? Reach out to us at Advanced Networks. We are a certified IT support provider in LA with a wealth of experience in helping businesses stay safe online. Contact us now for more information.

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