IT Support in LA: The Importance of Proactive Security

IT Support in LA: The Importance of Proactive Security

With so many cyber attacks hitting the headlines, companies that need IT support in LA must do all they can to protect their infrastructure and sensitive data from thieves and hackers. It is all very well knowing what to do and coping with the fallout if a business suffers a data breach. However, ideally, the best way to cope with the threats is to be more proactive, stopping them before they happen. It is much safer to protect a company by preventing incursions than it is by just fighting the metaphorical fires that a breach causes. In order to get ahead of the hackers and keep your networks running, you may like to consider implementing these points:

Training and Real-time Backups

Your employees have to be onboard with any security changes as they are working at the sharp end. Training is important so that they will know how to identify spam and phishing emails and recognize the risks concerned with clicking on any embedded links. They should also be made aware of the inherent dangers of BYOD and know the best practices that will ensure continued protection for your infrastructure.

It is also important to ensure that your backups are not only effective but will work as expected. Testing of backups is often omitted, but regular checking to make sure your company’s data and programs can be restored in the event of a breach is vital for future security.

Living Documentation

Creating a security document that can be constantly updated can consolidate the ethos behind security measures that are being taken. It should include what steps are needed to protect data with regards to BYOD, as well as password and encryption management, network access control, and what the policy should be to enforce such procedures.

Full Protection

It goes without saying that firewalls, antivirus programs, and full encryption of sensitive data should be employed throughout the company. However, IT support experts in LA also suggest that it can be advantageous to have specific devices such as those that can prevent internal intrusion, mail systems that protect against phishing and anti-malware gateways.

In order to protect your business, you need to be aware, organized, and proactive. There is a great deal to think about so that all vulnerabilities can be found and protected, but an IT support provider in LA can help you. At Advanced Networks, with our extensive experience in defending companies’ data and improving their overall security, we can help you protect your infrastructure and keep your business safe for the future. Contact us now for more information.

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