IT Support in LA: Learning Proper Business Continuity Strategies from the Financial Services Sector - Managed IT Services Los Angeles

IT Support in LA: Learning Proper Business Continuity Strategies from the Financial Services Sector

Business continuity is paramount in the financial services sector, and with the help of IT support firms in LA, other businesses can benefit from their experience.

A disaster can cause havoc with a company’s IT systems at any time. It could be in the form of naturally-occurring disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes. It can also be something closer to home like fires and flooding. Add these to the increasing worry of cybersecurity threats and it is clear that every business should be considering a thorough disaster recovery and business continuity plan. But, where to start?

Eliminate Downtime

In order to minimize financial losses, your company should be aiming to have as little downtime as possible in the event of a disaster. The prolonged disruption of business operations can signal the end of a company, so recovering your data and getting your systems back up and running again is vital. In order to do this, you have to make sure that the technology that supports your recovery and operations processes is not outdated. If you are running your systems on the cloud, you will have access to almost instantaneous backups and tested backup verification processes. If not, you have to make sure that your backups are carried out frequently and your data center is fit for purpose, as well as significantly far away from your main IT base, so that the disaster is unlikely to have also caused an issue there.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is the backbone of financial companies but equally crucial elsewhere, and to lose access to it can be catastrophic. It is essential that your information is kept secure and unreadable if it were to be stolen during a cyberattack on your systems. Encryption is the very least you should be aiming for, and excellent security measures like firewalls and anti-virus software are a necessary addition. If you have IT support in LA and are using the cloud, the chances are your data will be securely protected and backed up. But if you are running your infrastructure in-house, then you need to make sure that all the necessary precautions have been made and your backups will restore your data as soon as is practicably possible.


At Advanced Networks, we are an IT support company in LA specializing in helping all types of businesses with their IT needs. If you are worried about your readiness in the face of a possible disaster affecting your IT infrastructure, we are the perfect people to call. Contact us today and our IT experts will be happy to discuss the best course of action to protect your company going forward.

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