IT Support in LA Needs to Combat Rising Ransomware Threats

IT Support in LA Needs to Combat Rising Ransomware Threats

IT support in LA needs to be on the cutting edge when it comes to security solutions. If you’re on the hunt for an MSP to help safeguard your business, thankfully, you’ve got a lot of options. There are several security concentrations you’ve really got to take into consideration if you want to be the most effective. Several things to consider strongly include:

  • Proactive monitoring and support
  • 24/7 help desk availability
  • Ransomware solutions


Of the three in that list, Ransomware represents one of the most pernicious threats that your business needs to protect against. It turns out that hackers are abandoning old malware solutions in droves in order to employ more successful ransomware attacks. Between 2014 and 2016, there was a 93% drop in malware attacks against a massive increase in ransomware attacks.

In a nutshell, ransomware software works like this: hackers find a way to get malicious software on your system which, essentially, locks you out unless you’re able to pay a certain fee by a certain time.

As MSPs and other IT security solutions in Los Angeles learned how to hack through ransomware, cybercriminals upped the ante in the game by making it so that files on a system are erased after a certain period has elapsed. Now it’s true that nothing is ever truly “erased” when a computer deletes a file. Yet, recovering multiple terabytes in a network after ransomware has chopped everything up is expensive and unrealistic.

A better solution— should your system be infected with ransomware— is a quick shut-down, initialization, and reboot. With cloud computing, you can mirror your network on the cloud and experience no loss in productivity or visibility to clients. Although, it still costs you collaterally. Your best bet is to have such a solution available for the worst-case scenario and have the most up-to-date ransomware detection and prevention measures in place, otherwise.

Prevention Tactics

One way to prevent ransomware is to educate employees on how the pernicious software gets into networks in the first place. Primarily, email is the culprit. Another way this happens is through social engineering hacks where a hacker poses as someone with authority within a company and manages to secure login information. That may seem like something unlikely but it’s really not. Check out this video— a random girl hacks a man’s smartphone account just by acting like a harried married woman.

That said, even more, sophisticated means of getting ransomware installed on a given system are in place today. Have you heard the bad news about WannaCry? IT support in LA can keep you protected from these kinds of viruses, don’t worry; but they’re definitely frightening. In May of 2017, WannaCry infected businesses in over 150 countries. This was done through the Server Message Block (SMB) port. It was a virus that used an NSA-designed back door to compromise systems. Thankfully, companies with diligent MSPs received automatic patches and upgrades. Many businesses were preserved precisely because they worked with the right tech company.

Securing Requisite Support

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can comprehensively protect you against ransomware. Contact us for the latest in digital security solutions.

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