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IT Support in LA: Preventing Cybersecurity Mistakes from Employees

IT support LAWhile cyber attacks receive all of the attention, it is important to realize that employees pose a significant risk as well. Of course, the vast majority of workers do not have malicious intent, but they are prone to making errors due to a lack of experience or knowledge. Having an IT support provider in LA can help minimize this risk. Here are just a few ways that an IT company can protect your organization from the mistakes of employees.

Risk-Management Training

Many new employees have access to confidential information as soon as they are hired but don’t receive the proper training. Instead of taking this risk, it is much safer to limit a new employee’s access to critical information until they’re fully trained. For this, an IT provider can provide additional cybersecurity training sessions, which is a great asset for a new employee without much experience.

Additional Training for Management

While cybersecurity training is essential for each employee, it is especially critical for upper management. Many security experts believe that cybersecurity protection starts at the very top. Each manager must understand which data needs to be protected and what the security protocol is if a data breach occurs. An IT support provider in LA can ensure that each manager receives adequate training and is well-prepared to handle any crisis. Keep in mind that if upper management has no idea how to respond to a cyber threat, it sets a bad example for the rest of the employees and can make the security situation even worse.

Background Checks

Another effective way to prevent a data breach from occurring is to perform background checks on prospective employees. Of course, the vast majority of employees will never cause a data breach on purpose, but it is critical to take the necessary precautions. For example, hiring an employee with an extensive criminal record is typically not a good idea and can expose your company to unnecessary security risks.

Immediately Disable Access to Ex-Employees

Anytime an employee gets fired or leaves on their own terms, so it is essential that each password is changed and they are unable to access any accounts. Failure to do this immediately can result in dire consequences since a disgruntled employee can delete confidential information and erase important backup files. It is also a good idea to have it written in an employee’s contract to remotely wipe any of the employee’s work-related devices once they have left the company.

Partnering with an IT support provider in LA offers many benefits, which include enabling each employee to receive additional cybersecurity training. Cyber threats are on the rise, so it is imperative that each employee and upper management executive understands how to avoid becoming the victim of these cyber crimes. Taking the extra time to learn how to prevent these threats can significantly reduce downtime and save countless amounts of resources and stress for your company. Contact us now at Advanced Networks if you have any additional concerns. We can discuss the many advantages of partnering with an IT provider that will keep your company safe and secure.

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