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Small, mid-sized, and large businesses in LA need strong security measures that come with reliable IT support. Ransomware and phishing attacks have become rampant in today’s business environment, where cybercriminals take a company’s valuable information hostage in exchange for ransom. Such content can include financial records, corporate data, healthcare information, and sensitive employee records.

What Are Ransomware and Phishing Attacks?

Ransomware attacks limit access to applications and IT networks by encrypting a user’s files. Cybercriminals demand a ransom to allow users to access their information. The most common way ransomware infects a system is via phishing. Employees will often be baited into clicking on a compromised email attachment or a fake banner ad.

Ransomware can be extremely damaging to a business, which is why the emphasis should be on prevention.

How to Prevent Ransomware and Phishing Attacks

  • Build strong endpoint protection – It helps to consult an IT support provider in LA to help you install security solutions on endpoint devices, to block any malware from getting into your network. Using antivirus software is not enough if you do not keep it updated. Invest in an antivirus package that scans email attachments to determine if they are dangerous.

Employees should also be notified of out-of-work emails so that they do not click on malicious attachments. Keep firewalls updated and scan all devices regularly for phishing scams.

  • Backup and data recovery – Businesses should keep backups of their most essential data. There are several backup options to use, including virtual storage. If the data is stored in an external device, ensure it is removed from the system so that it is not also infected with the ransomware.

The best strategy is to backup information in multiple locations. You can use your primary storage area, virtual solutions, and local disks. In the event of a cyber-attack, you can recover the data and minimize downtime as you deal with the issue.

  • Employee training – Phishing attacks exploit the human element in an organization. Employees often receive a lot of emails, and they have become less skeptical about providing sensitive information and transferring funds through online channels. As long as employees are not sufficiently trained on the characteristics of phishing attacks, they are likely to click on malware.

Employees should be cautioned against clicking on unverified links and opening untrusted email attachments. They should look out for markers of trust that differentiate between reputable and malicious sites.

  • Use multiple defense layers – The best way to protect your firm’s systems is to incorporate multiple layers of defense. Antivirus software will only deal with the common ransomware variants, and you need sophisticated technologies to counter the creativity of cybercriminals.

Timely patch management will reduce a company’s vulnerability to ransomware, while ad blocking software is an excellent tool to include in browsers. DNS filters will block malicious ads and prevent users from downloading spam files.

Prevent Ransomware with the Help of IT Experts!

Cybercriminals have become unrelenting in their ransomware attacks, and businesses in LA need IT support now more than ever. Ultimately, your weakest security link is your employees. At Advanced Networks, we equip users with the best practices to safely maneuver the internet. Contact us now for comprehensive protection against phishing attacks and ransomware.

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