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The use of cloud technology has grown steadily popular, and choosing an IT support provider in LA will allow you to have the ultimate IT security while still being able to take advantage of technology. If you have yet to switch over to the cloud, you may wonder how secure it is and if an IT provider can keep your files confidential and out of the hands of cybercriminals. Fortunately, partnering with a managed service provider will allow you to experience the latest security measures available. Here are a just a few ways an IT provider will keep your files safe and secure:

Multiple Levels of Security

One of the main benefits of using cloud services is that your data will be protected through multiple levels of security. For example, instead of just being protected behind a firewall, the data will also be protected through encryption, which will keep your data out of the wrong hands. The data is also handled at an offsite cloud server with multiple degrees of security measures. On the other hand, manually backing up your data inside the office poses serious security risks, since the data can be damaged by any natural disaster. This is also an inefficient means of storage.

Tech Support 24/7

Another benefit of an IT support provider in LA that focuses on IT security is that you have access to around-the-clock assistance. If you have trouble locating any files or notice anything unusual, you can contact the tech support team, and they will guide you through any issues. Besides being available at all times, the IT team will continually monitor the servers to ensure that everything is working correctly. Ultimately, this proactive approach to monitoring will enable them to prevent small problems from developing into more significant issues, which can save considerable amounts of time and money.

Maintain Passwords

Finally, an often-overlooked cybersecurity measure is to maintain complex passwords on a regular basis. Each employee will have a unique password to access the cloud that consists of numbers, symbols, lowercase letters and uppercase letters. These passwords must be changed frequently, since they are an essential layer of protection against hackers and computer programs using automated brute force attacks. Of course, it is also a good idea to only give passwords to employees who use the cloud. Too much access can create unnecessary security risks.

Choosing an IT support provider in LA will enable you to experience IT security at its highest level, while still having access to cloud services. Advanced Networks is a managed service provider that focuses on providing the latest cybersecurity protection for cloud technology. Whether your business is brand new or has been around for years, we believe that we can meet all your technical needs and help your organization reach new heights of success. Being able to take advantage of the cloud while having the peace of mind knowing you are safe and protected is an invaluable asset in today’s workplace. If you have any questions, please contact us and let us set up an appointment to discuss the many benefits of using cloud technology provided by an IT provider.

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