IT Support in LA Recommend Server Virtualization for Businesses of All Sizes

IT Support in LA Recommend Server Virtualization for Businesses of All Sizes

IT support LAWhen most people think of a server, they picture a big computer located in a data center or clean room. That is a physical server. However, IT support in LA can make physical server be partitioned and run as several virtual servers. These virtual servers operate on their own, only using a portion of the memory, disk space and processing power of the physical server.

Can Your Business Benefit from Server Virtualization?

Here are five benefits identified by experts in IT support in LA:

Faster, flexible server provisioning and deployment

What is your internal process for getting a new server up and going? The standard process is to fill out a purchase order for hardware, order from the supplier, await shipment, configure hardware, and finally get all the software installed. This can take weeks.

With server virtualization, the process is significantly shorter, sometimes taking a little as an hour. You simply configure a new virtual server and load the appropriate software.

Lower hardware costs

Did you know many physical servers run at just five to 15 percent capacity? That is a lot of computing power sitting around costing you money for nothing. Moreover, if you need to add a new application to your company, you may need another physical server to avoid compatibility issues.

With virtual servers, you need fewer physical servers, fewer network devices, etc. Many companies see a 40 percent reduction in hardware costs with virtualization.

Lower energy consumption

Because you are running fewer physical servers, you are going to use less energy to run them. That means less energy for running, hosting, and cooling those servers. That translates to reduced energy costs. Which in turn helps you manage your operating costs and lower your environmental impact.

Better disaster recovery

The software used to create and manage the virtual servers has built-in features to make disaster recovery much easier. For example, the software can perform automatic data backup. This means your data is backed up to an offsite location for ease of recovery in the event of a disaster.

The software also makes it simple to move a virtual server from one physical server to another, which means if one data center goes down, you can get up and run in another one with a simple recovery process.

Increased productivity

With less maintenance required on fewer servers and easier server management, your IT staff will have more time to focus on productive tasks. They can actually drive new business projects, lower expenses, and increased revenues.

Server virtualization can transform any business. However, it is a change that requires careful planning to ensure the transition is smooth and doesn’t disrupt business any more than necessary. If you want to learn more about virtualization, we’re the experts in IT support in LA. If you’re ready to get started, contact our team at Advanced Networks today.

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