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IT Support Providers in LA Say Patch Management Is Necessary for Your Business

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IT support providers in LA must always hit moving targets. Technology exponentially expands on itself. Current reckoning puts iterative doubling at roughly eighteen-month intervals, in accordance with contemporary Moore’s Law interpretation. Every 18 months, at the highest levels, technological capability doubles on itself.

While this means you can do more with less, it also means cybercriminals can do more with less. Accordingly, they develop new malware which takes advantage of tech breakthroughs, as well as exploiting as-yet-undiscovered weaknesses.

A Notable Example

One of the best examples of this is a little bit older, but still quite relevant. In March of 2017, it was revealed the NSA commissioned backdoor access into Microsoft hardware through Server Message Block (SMB) ports. As soon as this information became public, tech professionals began designing security “patches” to cover the vulnerability.

By May of 2017, North Korea had launched a ransomware worm known as WannaCry. This worm backhanded businesses across the world, affecting operations in over 150 countries. However, businesses across the globe who had automated patch management were not affected by the worm.

Patch Management Protects Against Multiple Diverse Threats

Ransomware is only one of many threats. Cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar industry which essentially reflects the economic impact “white hat” tech has. Cybercrime is expected to have a $6 trillion dollar impact in 2021. As of 2019, “white hat” tech is valued at near $5 trillion. As you can see, when you average out the different timeframes, the two are neck-and-neck.

Implementing patch management strategies through IT support in LA represents a vital echelon of security. You can expect a number of collateral benefits. Several worth considering involve the following:

  • More secure operations in the face of contemporary threats
  • Automated security facilitation
  • More streamlined operations
  • Increased competitiveness

A Closer Look At Patch Management Advantages

Since technological threats of the cybercrime variety continue to develop in a way reflecting white hat tech iterations, having automated patch management solutions makes your business more secure against even the latest tech threats. Automated functions of security can be more effectively implemented across the board once you establish basic protocols.

Effective patch management security leads to more streamlined operations. In turn, you’re more competitive. You’re wasting less time and resources putting out tech fires, and become seen as a more reliable player in the local community.

Apply Patch Management Now!

An IT support provider in LA like Advanced Networks can help you design automated patch management solutions for your business. You’ll be more secure against the latest threats, you’ll have automated protection measures, increase your operation’s efficiency, and likely expand competitive viability in your local market. Contact us now for more information.

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