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IT support in LA can be an instrumental part in your decision to either upgrade to the cloud or retain the sort of IT infrastructure you already have. For most developing businesses, a cloud option has some distinct advantages worth considering, but this isn’t always the case, and consultation is wise to help you determine where you stand.

Considerable Reasons to Make the Cloud Transition

Cloud computing gives SMBs access to resources normally only available to larger corporations. Meanwhile, once the transition is complete, associated savings through cloud infrastructure have a high propensity of expanding budgets through the reduction of recurring expenses. Finding your best balance is also key in experiencing the most benefits from a cloud transition. Several benefits almost all companies experience owing to the shift include:

Reduced Expenses

Cloud computing can act in the same way an on-site server array might, but for a fraction of the cost. You don’t need as many tech people to manage a cloud solution as you would manage an on-site array. Additionally, storage, transportation, upgrade, refurbishment, troubleshooting, and equipment costs are substantially reduced. Furthermore, you could double-down on savings by using a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) tech strategy.

BYOD is when employees use their own computers to complete work on your cloud network, allowing you to cut costs on end-user devices like laptops. Additionally, when employees can work from wherever they’ve got a secure connection, you can substantially reduce your need for workspace, and the associated property management that comes with it. As an added bonus, employees are generally more productive through BYOD.

More Efficient Collaboration

IT support experts in LA can help you design cloud computing solutions that incorporate public, private, or hybrid options. Altogether, these can make operational collaboration simpler: instead of differing tech infrastructure between differing locations, everything operates under cloud computing solutions.

Expansion of Operational Flexibility and Tech Integration

Integrating new technology is simpler through the cloud, as cloud arrays are by competitive necessity maintained on the cutting edge. Scaling out is also much easier through the cloud— if you need more tech, you just increase your monthly subscription fee.

Something else to consider is that technology is leaning heavily toward the cloud from almost every angle— even your smartphone likely backs up data to a cloud service as provided by your cellphone company. Tech integration virtually demands a cloud computing interface today.

Finding Your Own Cloud Balance

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help you be more flexible, integrate new tech easier, collaborate better, and save money through the cloud. Contact us for more information on cloud computing options and how these can be most effectively integrated with your business.

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