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IT support in LA can be an essential component in helping you iron out effective, comprehensive security solutions. Internal perspectives are limited in scope and budget, as well as professionalism, when compared against MSPs operating for profit with multiple clients in a competitive market.

IT consulting firms in Los Angeles are likely going to advise you take a few steps that may be accomplishable internally but may best be put into play through utilization of an MSP. Some of these tactics include:

Audit Existing Security of Your Network to Determine Vulnerabilities

IT support providers in LA can perform a penetration test to find weaknesses in your network. Additionally, they can perform general security audit functions as a means of determining where your network has holes, and where you don’t need any additional protection. External perspective helps you identify issues you didn’t realize were affecting operations.

Consider Automated Patch Management to Stay Ahead of Viruses

IT consulting firms in Los Angeles commonly advise businesses to incorporate automated patch management for a few reasons. Chief among those reasons, the fact that many viruses circulate through varying computer networks until they’re identified. Until somebody gets hit, nobody knows what to patch against.

If you’ve got things automated, you’ll get the latest protections as soon as they’re available. Without automation, there will be times when you’re a sitting duck gambling on not being compromised.

MFA Protocols, Backing Up Data, Recovery Procedures

Multi-factor authentication uses more than one device to solidify the identity of someone trying to access your network. Data backup needs to be as regular as possible.

If doing so continuously is feasible, this should be done. Otherwise, establish the practice with regularity. Lastly, line out recovery protocols in the event of network collapse to reduce downtime when you’re rebooting.

Maximizing IT Security

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help determine if instituting MFA protocols is right for your businesses, design data backup strategies, line-out effective recovery procedures, secure automated patches, and help acquire security audits. Contact us for more information.

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