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First, What’s the CCPA?

Your IT support team in LA has to increasingly involve themseles in legal matters related to technology use, such as those bound up in the CCPA. The California Consumer Privacy Act was made in 2018 and is designed to provide more rights for users as pertains to privacy. Here’s 

Notable Rights the CCPA is Designed to Protect

If you’re going to work in agreement with the CCPA as a business in California, you want to understand the CCPA, how it is designed to work, and in regard to what subject matter. Essentially, there are four pillars of protection defining the CCPA, including:

  • A User’s Right to Know
  • Opt-Out Rights in Regard to the Sale of PI
  • Non-Discrimination in the Use of CCPA Rights
  • The Right to Delete PI That’s Been Collected from Them (Conditions Apply)

A User’s Right to Know

This involves Personal Information, or PI. What sort of PI is collected? What data was collected? From which sources was it collected, and why? What third parties received it, and what kind of information did they receive? Basically, just make a paper trail for your small business regarding these areas in the event any customer your business works with requests it.

Opt-Out Rights in Regard to the Sale of PI

IT support professionals in LA are careful to point out that opt-out rights regarding PI do exist. If you’re a business owner and companies sell your professional PI, you can opt out. There are exceptions, but for the most case, this will stop IT groups from selling data without authorization. Similarly, there are opt-out provisions for the customers you serve, so be sure to properly inform your customers and have options in place to help them opt out if they request as much.

Non-Discrimination in the Use of CCPA Rights

Goods or services cannot be denied, different prices for different customers can’t be discriminatorily charged, and the quality of provided services can’t be restricted based on discriminatory factors. However, if certain PI is necessary for goods or services, and a customer won’t provide that info, then that inhibits transaction completion in a way that is non-discriminatory.

The Right to Delete PI That’s Been Collected from Them (Conditions Apply)

Individuals have a right to request PI be deleted except under certain conditions. These conditions include holding info for request verification, for security, for compatible internal uses matching customer expectations and contextually applied, and for legal compliance. Also, certain medical info, credit reporting information, or PI defined as exempt from CCPA requirements is likewise exempted from requests for deletion. Otherwise, if a customer wants you to delete their PI, you have to. 

Assuring Your Business Doesn’t Transgress CCPA Boundaries

We atAdvanced Networks can help you keep associated users apprised of information pertaining to their privacy, design opt-out protocols, avoid discrimination, and facilitate PI deletion where applicable. For more information on legal realities surrounding the CCPA, as well as other key issues involving IT applications, reach out to our IT support team in LA.

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