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What’s Phishing and What’s the PAB?

Your IT support in LA will always advise your business to stay up-to-date on the latest ways to secure operations against cyberattacks.

“Phishing” is one of the most pernicious attacks where hackers use emails that seem legitimate to steal information. The Phishing Alert Button, or PAB, can send a message to your IT department. If you add this feature to your email system, a button will appear on all emails. If you suspect a phishing scam, push the button to alert your IT people. They should examine the email in question.

A Closer Look at How the PAB Works in Windows Outlook

First, open the email. Once done, click on the “home” tab and then the PAB. A prompt will appear, asking if you want to report the email. Answer in the affirmative and the email will be immediately deleted from your inbox. Send the email address of the IT team.

Sometimes a “simulating” email will be sent out. Clicking the PAB will result in a message of congratulations. Click continue then you can get back to regular operations.

How PAB Works on Microsoft 365

Different interfaces will have slightly different PAB designs. Your IT support in LA can help you determine which options work best for your business.

With Microsoft 365, there’ll be a dropdown menu from the PAB icon, which will give an alert should there be a suspected phishing attack. A sidebar will confirm your intention to report a possible phishing attempt. Answer “yes” to confirm. A message will pop up to let you know if you are dealing with a real phishing attack or just a mere simulation.

Why The Simulation?

For a PAB to be successful, let your staff get used to it. However, clicking on the button every email might overwhelm the IT department. There should be a middle ground. There should be occasionally simulated emails and then training on how to identify features of potentially dangerous messages.

So in a nutshell, here are the important points for installing a PAB on your email network:

  • Slightly Different Interfaces Define Different PAB Options
  • Education is Important so Employees Know What to Look For
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks Help Keep Everyone on Their Toes

Upgrading Phishing Protection to the PAB

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help you use the PAB features for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365. Simulated messages are necessary, as is employee education. Contact us to learn more.

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