IT Support in LA: Tips to Safeguard Your Data

One of the most common things IT support providers in LA do is help clients preserve digital assets in terms of information. Backup and data recovery (BDR) is an important feature here. It is getting to the point where not having such protection is actually a legal liability and you can be fined for it; that is the case with HIPAA, anyway.

Now, HIPAA specifically pertains to the healthcare industry. You may be in a business with no such government organization scrutinizing operations. But then again, that is more of an outlying reality than something generally defining most network-intensive operational situations.

Following are several tips to help you ensure disaster recovery solutions are comprehensive and will work how you need them:

  • Ensure that regular backups happen
  • Test backup systems comprehensively and regularly
  • Ensure backup copies are maintained outside primary facilities
  • Virus protection solutions must be contemporary and active
  • Make sure cutting-edge firewalls circumference your business

Ensure Regular Backups

IT support providers in LA can back up systems instantaneously through the cloud. Whenever new data is entered into a system, it is automatically backed up. However, this may be more expensive for some agencies, and additionally, such disaster recovery solutions can bog down the system. This is certainly intolerable for businesses that must use every ounce of technological assistance in daily activities. If you cannot use the cloud option, you want to have backups at least at weekly intervals; daily is better.

Test Backup Systems

You need to do full backups, which incorporate an entire data “restore.” This should be done at least once a month, if not once a week. Technology has a frailty that does not escape entropy. Components could easily break-down in a test backup server without you knowing it the day before a crash occurs. Again, it is generally more comprehensive and cost-effective to work with an outsourced IT solution. However, that may not be your prerogative. If you do keep backup solutions on-site, just be sure you test them.

Offsite Data Copies

You want to have a backup solution beyond your primary facility. Outsourced cloud computing can be this offsite backup. Additionally, you can keep hard drives in safe storage, or you can have an entirely separate remote backup server. Whatever option works best for you will be more than adequate. Keep in mind you can save more via the cloud.

Virus Protection Solutions

You need to have antivirus or anti-malware software available and operational. This should be the latest antiviral software, and it is not any good to you if it is not activated. So, ensure it is both new and activated— update (and patch) regularly; MSPs can help you manage.


You need the latest in firewall protections surrounding your business. Technology transitions, no “static” firewall option will do; hackers always find a way around. Ensure you always have the latest firewall.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help you institute firewalls and virus protection of the latest kind, offsite data protection, assist clients in the test-backup process, and provide continuous backup via cloud computing innovations. Contact us for the latest in network protection helping safeguard an environment with expanding cybercriminal activity.

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