IT Support in LA Transcends the Break-Fix Era

IT Support in LA Transcends the Break-Fix Era

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IT support in LA only providing break-fix service solutions is likely to cost you money and the reason is developmental progress. IT network management has come a long way since computers initially took hold in the corporate world. Before, when something broke, your IT showed up to fix it— if you were lucky. Redundant backup systems became a key aspect of operations. While these are still somewhat effective today, you can actually find better BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solutions through an MSP providing flat-rate services.

Technological systems have gotten to a point where proactive maintenance can be successfully applied. This was impossible in previous years, because systems of remote monitoring and support were not quite at the level they are now. Previously, MSPs functioned as substantively separate entities who worked in conjunction with local IT staff during emergencies— many MSPs at any rate.

Now, MSPs can cohesively manage your business remotely, watching the operation of varying systems to ensure they’re working as they should. Should an issue be discovered, it can be curtailed before it compromises operations. Break-fix services would be comparable to changing your car’s oil only when it breaks down. You’d likely have a seized engine at that point. Regular maintenance is encouraged. Now imagine if you could get that maintenance continuously, fixing any problem as it happened. This is what an MSP can do. If a vehicle’s lifespan can stretch until it transcends the million mile mark, imagine what can be done for your information technology applications.

Further Applications

Notable features of IT support in LA include:

  • Cloud Computing Support
  • BDR Solutions
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Consultation
  • Installation
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • IoT Application

MSP solutions can provide so many other things for your business, but these are some of the most popular characterizing the industry today. Break-fix solutions simply cannot compete with that kind of service provision. A business that wants to remain competitive must apply these kinds of solutions.

Cloud Perks

Cloud computing can outsource an on-site network. Retain the barest component for highly sensitive data, and put that on a hybrid cloud model. Then you’ve got backup and data recovery for the worst case scenario in addition to cost-reduction through elimination of increasingly antiquated equipment.

With the right MSP, your systems will be monitored proactively whether cloud-based or not. Also, they can help give you consultation pertaining to upgrades, expansion, and transition. Sometimes the cloud is a great idea, but you’d be wiser to make a slow transition than to immediately put everything on such a suspended network array.


For on-site technology needs, MSPs can periodically maintain systems they regularly monitor, thus getting the maximum life out of software and hardware components across your network; and in conjunction with your network’s outward expansion.

Lastly, via IoT, you can collect data on operations, distribution, employees, and more; this allows you to further streamline your business.

An MSP Service Solution

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help your business streamline operations competitively while cutting costs and expanding technologically. Contact us for optimization solutions that provide you with more reliable services.

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